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Automotive Solution SoCs

We are well known for our ASIC and custom SoC expertise within the Automotive sector. We offer personalized solutions for applications such as ADAS, Central Computing, Sensors, and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI). Socionext enables customers to create cutting-edge integrated circuits through our investment in leading-edge technologies, IPs, and software.

Smart Display Controller for Automotive

Socionext's smart display controllers ensure fail-safe operation, even in the context of increasingly complex multi-display cockpit systems. They guarantee an error-free and high-class display of safety-critical content through a variety of special safety features. Everything is integrated into the graphics pipeline to realize remote display applications with functional safety, all based on a single chip solution.

Radar Sensing

Delve into the dynamic realm of vehicle safety with our groundbreaking 60GHz Radar Sensor Technology. Explore the depths of Radar sensing, a crucial element in our pursuit of optimal vehicle safety for occupants. Our technology extends to Interior Sensing, focusing on applications within the vehicle's interior. Additionally, discover our classical Sensors designed for IoT applications, featuring 24/60GHz capabilities for motion detection, localization, classification, and gesture control.


Communication IC

Nessum is the latest and most innovative solution for IoT communications. For long wired communications, Nessum taps into existing infrastructure, using any cable types such as powerline, coaxial, flat, and twisted pair. For short-range wireless data transmission Nessum excels in both air and water environments.

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