The SNEU Culture

Our corporate culture gives us the inner strength to hold together in a competitive marketplace. Our culture is what keeps the fun factor going, even when our work gets tough. It’s also what enables us to achieve the seemingly impossible.

We´re well aware that a great working atmosphere can’t be taken for granted but has to be carefully nurtured. So how do we do it? Here´s a quick checklist:

COVID-19 and Socionext – Safety of our Employees is Paramount

These are unprecedented times and here at Socionext we have made sure our employees are safe.

We very quickly organized a work from home environment and where this was not possible, we ensured a safe environment for those engineers that were needed to work in the office.

Flexibility and safety have been key elements in allowing the best possible outcomes in these exceedingly difficult times.

Rules and guidelines have been set up over the last few months which are continually being updated and followed.


Management talks

These are held six times a year on an informal basis in the cafeteria at our Langen headquarters. Employees from all our sites, European subsidiaries included, are invited to join in. There´s no predefined agenda, so it´s very much up to our employees themselves to say what´s on their minds. This is an excellent opportunity for people to raise any questions of interest, and enrich the communications network between staff and senior management.


Communication meetings

Organised twice a year in all of our European offices, members of the senior management team use these meetings to share important information about business development, new initiatives, products or projects with the entire workforce.

Idea Management

An employee suggestion scheme has been implemented. We are all encouraged to share ideas for improvement. All innovations or improvements are screened by senior management and forwarded to the appropriate office for further development. Contributors of the original idea continue to participate in the workflow until its ultimate implementation and will be rewarded if successful.


Summer barbecues

Our branches organise barbecues every summer, with our senior management team acting as grill chefs. Rumour has it that canny colleagues schedule their meetings in the various offices accordingly (to maximise their BBQ attendance rate!).

Christmas parties

OK, it´s nothing out of the ordinary to have a company Christmas party, but the sheer fun we´ve had at our events over the years is certainly hard to put into words...

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