Management on a Mission

Toshihiko Tanaka


Commitment to Europe...

Socionext Europe’s activities include semiconductor products, systems solutions, software and other support services, making it ideally positioned to offer value-added service, design and solutions to key European markets.

Dirk Weinsziehr

Corporate Senior Vice President &
Head of Network Solution BU

Global Player...

Our customers are important to us which is why at Socionext our goal is to provide value and service to people throughout the world. Our brand promise ‘for better quality of experience’, expresses our determination to improve the performance and functionality of products and services. Our expertise, experience and extensive IP portfolio provides exceptional solutions and ensures a better quality experience for our customers.

Jürgen Lang

Senior Director Strategic Sales &
Business Development

Buisness Development...

Socionext Europe develops and supports value-added solutions by focusing on markets where Europe leads by innovation. As a global player, our integrated solutions approach is underscored by innovative semiconductor devices and IP, backed by increasing our Europe-based design, software and application support. Our mission is to use ‘right-sized solutions’ to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We regard customers as our number one asset and everything we do is aimed at building mutually successful relationships.

Mark Ellins

Senior Director, Custom &
Enterprise Solution BU

Corporate Culture...

At Socionext Europe, our culture is grounded in integrity, openness and realism. We adopt a down-to-earth approach, which takes an objective view of the benefits that technology can offer. Based in Japan and throughout Europe, our design and engineering teams work together, sharing experience and best practice for the benefit of our customers in Europe and around the world. Long-term partnerships are encouraged. Customer-focused attitudes are developed. Promises are delivered.

Markus Mierse

Senior Director IoT & Graphics Solution BU (GCC)

Profitability and Growth...

Our objective at Socionext Europe is to generate optimal levels of profitability and growth that allow us to re-invest locally in people skills, technology and infrastructure – an investment that ensures our customers’ continuing success.

Jens Hagelstein

HR Manager

Developing Employees...

Our people are the key to our success. The company fosters career advancement with comprehensive training and development programs for individuals, work groups and business units. Course content covered ranges from technical subjects to team-building and inter-personal skills. The training and development needs of our staff are regularly assessed, reviewed and aligned with the company’s overall corporate goals.
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