About Socionext

A “Solution SoC” company

Socionext is a global enterprise that designs, develops and delivers System-on-Chips to customers worldwide.

We strive to be the “SoC division”, or a valuable silicon development partner of our customers by sharing their vision and working together to address their challenges.

Business Model

“Solution SoC”: enabling a future that customers can envision

Socionext has pioneered its unique “Solution SoC” business model, in which the company is involved in the customers’ product development process from an early stage. We help companies achieve differentiation according to their specific needs. Socionext collaborates closely with partners worldwide and delivers complete solutions from system design to production and quality control.

Quality & Environment

Socionext’s Strengths

Socionext meets its customers’ needs for differentiation by leveraging the strengths the company has gained through its rich experience in the SoC business.

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Focus Areas

Leveraging the advantage of “Solution SoC” for high profitability.

Socionext serves the diverse needs of the world‘s leading companies by leveraging its system expertise and core technologies garnered over the years through ASIC and ASSP businesses.

By contributing to the focus areas, we take on challenges to create a better society and ensure a better quality of experiences for people around the world.

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The company name

  • SOC stands for ‘System-on-Chip‘ which is our core business area. Computers, communication network devices, and embedded systems are becoming more multi-functional nowadays, demanding larger and more complex SoC circuits. With the cutting-edge technology and our 40 years of experience, we provide sophisticated solutions to enhance the value of our worldwide customers' products.
  • I/O, Input and Output is a fundamental element constituting semiconductors, with Imaging and Optical networks as our core technologies. We have expertise in all aspects of the video imaging field - from ‘Input‘ technology of video capturing and authoring to ‘Output‘ technology of graphics and display, including video encoding technology in between.
  • Next, forward-thinking, looking to the future. We offer not only solutions for today´s new technologies but also strive to reach new opportunities globally and revolutionize the experiences of our customers. As a leading innovation company we constantly aim to improve the performance of our products and services and innovate the way people live.

Socionext Basic Philosophy

Socionext in a Nutshell


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