People Development

Continuing professional development, completed by programmes for present and future management staff, all contribute to the high skills level of our workforce. We work to ensure that talented people move into leading positions over time, preparing them in advance for management duties or greater project responsibilities. We are proud to offer a wide range of development opportunities tailored to each individual employee. Read on to find out how we use standardised instruments to help us create personalised action plans.

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Our Core Values

Annual Performance Review
and Personal Development Plan

Once a year, each employee receives formal feedback based on his/her job profile. Together with the employee's own ideas about future development goals, this feedback is then used to design a personal development plan.

This approach also provides clarity about the competencies needing further development to fulfil the requirements of the next step up the career ladder, as well as individual career goals.

Training and E-learning

We offer a wide range of in-house and external training courses:

    • Skills-related training
    • Language courses
    • Japanese cultural training
    • Project management
    • Presentation skills
    • Communication skills
    • Coping with stress
    • Leadership skills
    • Personal time and goal management

Goal Plan

Every six months, the company and its entire workforce are measured against their respective targets. Personal, team and project goals are set in consultation with the responsible manager. Company goals link through to a wide variety of business activities, creating transparency about the relationship between job roles and overall company strategy.

Feedback Culture

We depend on learning to improve ourselves and our self-esteem. And learning depends on feedback. SNEU managers provide frank and fair feedback to their employees, and discuss issues objectively in order to find solutions. Open dialogue is encouraged at and between all levels of the company.



To simplify the onboarding process at SNEU, every new employee will be mentored by his/her manager or an experienced colleague. A personal induction plan is created personally for each newcomer and serves as a guideline for the first six months. The ´bigger picture´ revealed by this plan helps new employees understand what´s expected of them during their induction phase and how their jobs relate to the rest of the organisation. It also identifies the resources and training necessary for effective work. At the end of the day, mentoring also helps our new co-workers simply feel "at home".


Each staff member identified as a talent is assigned a mentor from the senior management team. Regular meetings are held to ensure the discussion of further personal development.

Job Enlargement

We want our employees to think outside the box, so we actively encourage internal movement within the company - such as from Applications to Marketing or Sales, or from IT to MarCom. If you don´t want a complete change of scene, however, we also offer creative solutions that allow you to take on new tasks and responsibilities while giving you the chance to develop both career-related and personal skills.