Solution SoCs for
High-Performance and
High-Quality Applications

Socionext’s ASIC and customized SoC expertise within the Automotive sector is well-known. The company develops and provides customized solutions for a range of applications such as ADAS, Central Computing, Sensors and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI). By investing in leading-edge technologies, IP and software Socionext enables customers to build state-of-the-art integrated circuits. Understanding customers’ applications and the special requirements of the Automotive market is key to the company’s success.

Automotive Solution SoCs
SoC Configurator

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Smart Display Controllers
for Multi-Display Cockpit Applications

Socionext’s smart display controllers enable even in increasingly complex multi-display cockpit systems a fail-safe operation. They guarantee an error-free and high-class display of safety-critical content through a variety of special safety features. Everything is integrated into the graphics pipeline to realize remote display applications with functional safety, all based on a single chip solution.

Automotive Display Controllers

SEERIS™ Graphics Engine IP

The SEERIS™ 2D Graphics IP is a building block concept combining a collection of graphics processing units with a focus on 2D operation, display control and video capture which can be combined from system level to a more complex graphic subsystem.

SEERIS™ Graphics Engine IP