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Elektronik – Products of the Year 2024

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Elektronik | Category: Semiconductors and IP


Nominated for the prestigious “Elektronik - Products of the Year 2024 Award in the Semiconductors and IP category”.

The SC1260AR3 is a highly integrated radar sensor specifically designed for interior sensing. It operates using a bandwidth of 6.8GHz and employs Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM-MIMO) with multiple transmitting and receiving antennas that capture the position and movement of occupants within a vehicle with maximum accuracy. This intelligent all-in-one radar chip is ultra-power-efficient, ultra-compact (6x9mm package), and equipped with AiP (Antenna in Package) technology. The chip is ideal for detecting the slightest movements such as breathing or heartbeat. Thanks to its ability to penetrate materials, it is suitable for detecting signs, even when a child is wrapped in a blanket: CPD – Child Presence Detection. The entire signal processing is fully integrated into the hardware, eliminating the need for a CPU or firmware. With this advanced component, vehicle manufacturers can make data-driven decisions to enhance safety, comfort, and efficiency.

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