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electronica 2022
What a Show!

We returned to electronica this year after an absence of quite a few years and what a show it was! This is Europe’s biggest electronics industry fair with 14 halls and 2,144 exhibitions where innovation for today and the future is on display and, with over 70,000 visitors, the show was really buzzing. 

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Socionext @ Electronica 2022


was also a focus on our booth where we demonstrated our expertise within the Automotive sector. We showcased the latest features of our Smart Display Controller series as well as discussing face-to-face our “Solution SoC” approach. Our team of experts held in-depth discussions with visitors on how Socionext’s solutions help with the special requirements of the Automotive market.

We are well-known for developing and providing customized solutions for a range of automotive applications such as ADAS, Central Computing, Sensors and In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) which we have achieved by investing in leading-edge technologies, IP and software.

The system structure of automobiles is changing dramatically from a distributed architecture to a domain/zone architecture with integrated cockpit systems being adopted linking multiple displays such as meters, IVI and head-up displays. It is not just the number of displays that is increasing, but also the size and resolution of the panels. The various applications in the cockpit also have different requirements.

Our live demonstrations, which we have outlined below, proved to be very popular and visitors were able to see in real-time the capabilities of our smart display controllers.

Remote Display Concept

Based on our Smart Display Controller series, it has been developed with safety features together with an APIX®3 SerDes Solution.

  • APIX®3 12Gbit/s link
  • SEERIS™ 2D Graphics Engine
  • Sideband communication
  • Functional Safety Support


Automotive Multi-Displays and Remote Display Architectures


Automotive Display and CID Applications up to 4K Resolution

VESA Decompression

A side-by-side comparison of uncompressed and VESA compressed video content via APIX®3 SerDes.

  • APIX®3 2 x 3Gbit/s link
  • VESA Digital Stream Compression (3.75:1)
  • H-MTD Connector and Cable

Warping-on-the-fly Capabilities

Our 4th Generation Smart Display Controller SC1721x (ISO 26262 ASIL-B compliant).

  • SEERIS™ 2D Graphics Engine
  • Warping-on-the-fly
  • APIX®3 2 x 3Gbit/s link


Head-up Displays


Automotive Displays

Local Dimming

Local dimming including RGB pixel compensation capabilities of our 4th Generation Smart Display Controller SC1721x (ISO26262 ASIL-B compliant)

  • Local Dimming with 240 LED zones
  • Pixel Compensation
  • APIX®3 2 x 3Gbit/s link

Key to our success is understanding our customers’ applications and the special requirement of the Automotive sector which enables us to continue to provide innovative solutions as visitors to our Booth could see.

Read our article in Markt & Technik “Funktionale Sicherheit für die Multi-Display-Welt“

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