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Socionext has a strong tradition in developing customer-specific solutions (ASICs) and digital SoCs for networking, enterprise and consumer applications. Within the networking environment, we focus on the development of market-leading, high-performance ADCs, DACs and SerDes IP. With our expertise in leading-edge silicon technology and design methodology, we can address the most demanding of environments such as server clusters, data centers and emerging Industry 4.0 applications.

While 100G optical networks are rapidly expanding, it is essential to carry out research and development to ensure the production of next-generation 400G and 1T (Terabit)optical networks. With over 40 years’ experience in developing custom SoCs, combined with specialist high-speed analog, mixed-signal and digital design, Socionext continues to design systems for current and future optical and wireless networks, including advanced IP for scaling from 100G to 1T data rates.

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Our customers are world leading telecom and datacom systems and modules vendors.


World’s first 56 GS/s, 8b ADC enabled first CMOS 100G coherent devices


World’s first 65 GS/s 8b DAC enabling first 100G/200G CMOS coherent devices


Demonstration of quadruple data rate (>100 Gbit/s) over CEI-28G-VSR electrical channel


World’s first 92 GS/s 8b ADC & DAC enabling first 100G/200G/400G coherent devices


Low-power 8b 38 GS/s ADC enabling world’s first digital CFP 100G coherent optical module


Socionext ADC/DAC IP enables record-breaking transmission field of 38.4 Tbit/s over 762 km


Launched 128 GSa/s 8b ADC/DAC in 16nm CMOS technology enabling devices with >1 Tbit/s per wavelength

  • Low-power custom SoCs use cutting-edge, high quality IPs supporting IT worldwide infrastructure
  • Supporting product development for wireless communication technologies
  • We supported the launch of the world’s leading 100, 200 and 40 Gigabit optical communication technologies
  • World leading high speed ADC/DAC
  • High-speed SerDes
  • High-performance package


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