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Drones, action cameras, high-end SLRs, security cameras, mobile devices and industrial applications are all catered for with our technologies, whether it be for fast-action scenes or themed photography.

Our family of Milbeaut® Image Processors offers the highest quality images but, at the same time, have low power consumption. This product range is already in its 8th generation and will continue to evolve so that we are always ahead with our technologies.

  • High-performance Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) feature allows active scenes to be taken within a stable environment
  • Active scenes such as fast action, slow-motion or continuous focus on a moving subject particularly with drones
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  • Our Imaging ASSP technology meets the diverse needs of the security and surveillance sector
  • Low-power, lightweight
  • Highest possible quality and supports a wide range of software platforms
  • Scene recognition, haze removal, tampering, camera-shake, motion and line cross detection or video HDR are all possible, from a single solution
  • Wide range of solutions from low-cost to high end products
  • Expand performance of cameras in mobile devices
  • Highly accurate, high speed Hybrid AF autofocus system – dual camera system which supports two sensors


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Digital devices and network services are now part of our daily lives. High speed access and safety are essential when building networks that need to connect these devices to the cloud.

With our technologies that we have developed over the years we are able to help you create innovative user experiences with secure links to the cloud.

  • Time-shifted viewing of full-channel recording and redistribution of content via networks
  • Our solutions utilize Blu-ray Disc™ recorders, STB equipment, and other products that are fun and easy to use
  • Various codecs are integrated, including H.265 (HEVC), the storage and network functionality into a compact space
  • Solution for mobile and multi-path environments
  • Low-noise design and mobile optimization
  • Our latest technologies achieve lowest power consumption and smallest footprint
  • Enhances appeal of smartphone, tablet and accessories
  • A comprehensive solution optimizing server-client communications
  • Allows client terminals to use cloud applications and remote desktop environments with ultra-low latency
  • This solution eliminates the need to upgrade terminals using software
  • Significantly lowers running cost
  • Use of multi-channel audio, is becoming more popular
  • TV speakers have become thinner and smaller, making it more difficult to reproduce powerful sound
  • Our audio solutions address these issues and improve the reproduction of sounds from a wide range of products


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Through our heritage in the consumer electronics area, we offer leading-edge products for the television and digital signage sectors, including the first chipset for 8K broadcasting, as well as comprehensive solutions for existing 4K and 2K standards. Our expertise encompasses both hardware and software aspects of digital content visualization, display and protection.

We have significant expertise in video compression and decompression technologies, enabling it to be first to market with ultra-low latency single-chip solutions for multi-channel encoding of 4K/60p HEVC video streams.

  • For 8K TV test broadcasting, we are the First to provide an 8K chipset
  • Taking advantage of video signal processing technologies developed while providing 2K and 4K, TV solutions, we are producing video that is optimized for 8K and higher resolution with high-brightness display panels
  • Working with broadcasters and TV makers we lead the development of 8K TV broadcasting services globally
  • 4K TV revolution has meant a transition from conventional broadcasting to content viewing using the internet
  • In addition, online distribution has evolved rapidly, in order to deliver the power of 4K content
  • Our comprehensive solutions are compatible with codec and security methods used in the latest online content distributions standards


Socionext specializes in the display and management of graphic information for Automotive Applications, including solutions for instrument clusters, head-up display and infotainment systems.

We offer a sophisticated development environment for 2D and 3D HMIs.

  • By combining a high-performance graphics SoC and chipset, we provide a simple, low cost, HMI configuration
  • Benefit of this solution is a common design that remains usable beyond vehicle model or grade changes
  • A solution for centrally managed displays on instrument clusters, heads-up displays and infotainment
  • With our Graphic Display Controllers we enable highly optimized and cost attractive remote display solutions
  • Benefit of this solution is a reduced overall BOM and it allows the realization of future proof architectures
  • Graphics processing, safety features and connectivity to cameras and touch controllers are included
  • Viewphii is a complete medical IoT solution that monitors body muscle and fat through latest ultrasound technology
  • Developed by combining the latest sensing and cloud technologies
  • With a single tablet, we are realizing integrated management, from medical sensor equipment to cloud collaboration
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