Test & Measurement Equipment

Socionext is a global leader in the design and development of  System-on-Chip Solutions for industrial, networking and communication systems. With over 40 years of experience, Socionext offers state-of-the art designs and developments, including advanced analog ADC, DAC, PLL and Serdes IPs that can be integrated into complete solutions to customers.  These solutions also include optimized DSP memories or specialized I/Os and ARM® core.

Socionext uses well established lithography or latest process nodes, with optimized packaging and  interface technologies. These support or enable new low-power semiconductor test and measurement (T&M) solutions across different high-speed and high-accuracy segments that operate across different markets and ecosystems. This can include advanced production testers, low- and high-end T&M equipment for laboratory, industrial or hand-held usage for electrical, optical or wireless (5G/6G) applications.

In summary, Socionext provides a wide range of integrated solution that can support various applications in different industries, using advanced technology to meet the needs of customers.