Nessum Communication IC

Nessum* is the latest solution for IoT communications.
For wired communication, Nessum leverages the installed infrastructure through its support for various types of cables, such as powerline, coaxial, flat and twisted pair. 

Additionally, Nessum excels short-range wireless data transmission, both in air and water environments.

Nessum features reliable data transmission and intelligent device management tailored for smart city, residential, commercial and industrial applications. The SC1320A IC incorporates Nessum technologies, efficient and cost-effective IoT applications.

Nessum is the former HD-PLC Solution/Alliance that evolved to a new stage since it is used beyond the power line communication bridging the IoT Gap.


Product Overview


  • The world’s 1st communication IC to embed the latest Nessum core conforming to IEEE 1901-2020 (as of March 2021).
  • Multihop function is supported for extended distances.
  • The integration of Ethernet MAC (RMII) and UART/SPI interfaces makes the device easy to use in IoT applications.


  • Stable powerline communication is achieved by the combination of high quality analog and noise reduction techniques.
  • Long distance communication (up to 10km, depending on the communication environment).
  • Low power consumption (around 200mW) by proprietary technology.
  • Compact package size.
  • With a compact power circuit design the PCB design and BOM costs can be optimized.

System Structure

Power Management Unit
DCDC/LDO: DC-DC Converter / Low Drop Out
Programmable Gain Amplifier


CPUArm Cortex-M**
Supply Voltage3.3V unity
Temperature-40°C to 85°C
Power200mW (Typ.)

Evaluation Kit

We also provide evaluation kit for SC1320A for development purposes. Please send your request via the Support-Button below.

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*: “Nessum” and its logo is a registered trademark or a pending trademark application of Panasonic Holdings Corporation in Japan and in other countries.
These products are conformity with the Nessum technology developed by Panasonic Holdings Corporation.
**: "Arm" and "Cortex" are trademarks or registered trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere.