Radio-wave ranging sensor

We are on the brink of entering a world of home automation, where the various appliances in a home are equipped with IoT functionality and a range of sensors and are connected to a network, allowing them to interoperate. This new age has brought products providing services identifying, analyzing and anticipating human behavior. For example, there are devices that notice when a person approaches closer than a certain distance to a house, and start up a camera and notify the family by email.

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Product Brief

Socionext RF CMOS Sensors


Size: 1.015 Megabyte | Date: 19.07.2021 18:41

To achieve digital transformation (DX), blending this real world with the digital world, we have developed a high-precision, miniature distance sensor using electromagnetic waves, with low energy consumption and a high cost-performance ratio. Its location detection feature, which is easy to use but has high sensing performance, dramatically broadens the possibilities of smart home IoT devices, and so contributes to creating a smart society.


  • Equipped with a distance measurement circuit, it can be used without specialist signal processing knowledge
  • Can handle a variety of sensing types, including intermittent sensing and burst sensing
  • Products in our lineup have multiple receiver channels for detecting location information


Detection Examplaes

Product line-up

Product Frequency Type Feature
 SC1232 24GHz 1D
- Equipped with a distance computation circuit, to output distance information
- FOV can be switched between two levels
 SC1233 24GHz 2D
- Equipped with a distance computation circuit, to output distance information
- Outputs vector data for angle calculation
 SC1221 60GHz 2D
- 4 channel RX to detect two-dimensional locations in one plane
 SC1220 60GHz 3D
- 2 x 2 channel RX to detect three-dimensional locations in a space
- 6.8 GHz wide-band modulation for high-precision detection
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