Most Advanced Network SoC Solutions — Meeting Growing Network Demand

Due to the proliferation of smart devices, expansion of cloud computing, increase in Internet distribution of 4K videos, and other technologies and services, network capacity demand is continuing to grow rapidly.  Coherent optical data transmission at rates of 100Gbps and higher is the key underlying technology supporting capacity growth in core, Metro and data communications fiber-optic networks.  Socionext provides IP and base technology for the most advanced digital coherent SoCs being deployed today.

While 100G optical networks are rapidly expanding, it is essential to carry out research and development for the practical realization of next-generation 400G and 1T (Tera) optical networks. Leveraging over 30 years’ experience in developing custom SoCs, combined with specialist high-speed analogue, mixed-signal and digital design, we continue to provide leading edge IP helping our customers to design systems for current and future networks.

Advanced IP for Scaling from 100G to 1T data rates

We provide all the necessary analogue IP blocks, digital cells, memory blocks and standard interfaces to help systems developers implement their digital coherent DSP designs as full SoCs. Key IP hard-macros include high-performance, low-power, high-speed ADCs, DACs and SerDes to support systems using a variety of different modulation formats. 

A range of optical line-side Baud rates is also supported to enable dedicated, low-power coherent Metro solutions as well as multi-mode coherent solutions.  We also provide IP blocks for the realization of very low power direct detection SoCs based on DMT and PAM-4 modulation.

SoC Design Services

Back-end design including full ASIC physical implementation, DFT, package design, device qualification and manufacturing are all part of our service offering.

With many years of experience in delivering digital coherent SoCs, we have a strong track record in helping to deliver the right performance, power and flexibility in systems.

IP and Base Technology for the most Advanced Digital Coherent SoCs

Networking IP Portfolio for Leading Semiconductor Process Technologies

  • Low-power, high-speed ADC
  • Low-power, high-speed DAC
  • Low-power High-speed VSR/MR/LR SerDes (1–56 Gb/s)
  • Jitter Cleaning PLLs
  • Temperature Sensor

ASSP (Application Specific Standard Product)

  • 100G Discrete Multi-Tone (DMT) Transceiver

Large Scale, Small Size, and Low Power Consumption

Digital coherent LSIs are indispensable for increasing capacity but these carry with them the problems pf complexity of design, increased size of equipment, and greater power consumption. We have developed SoCs with large capacities, small sizes, and low power consumption through realization of 65nm, 60nm, 28nm, and further advanced technologies.

In addition, we provide not only SoCs, but also total solutions that include proven high-speed and large-pin-count package design, and verification.

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