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Milbeaut® is Socionext’s generic name for a range of image processing products intended for use across the entire application spectrum from high-end digital SLRs, through smartphones to industrial applications, such as security and surveillance. The product range is already in its 8th generation and will continue to evolve to stay ahead of the market. Our image processing technology is aimed at the highest possible quality and supports a wide range of software platforms, including Android™.

Since its introduction in 2000, Socionext’s Milbeaut® series has been adopted in a wide variety of digital imaging systems, ranging from single-lens reflex, compact and smart phone cameras. With its specialist camera technology knowledge, Milbeaut®, now focusses on the video centric and digital imaging market. A market which includes Drones, Action Cameras, Unique Multi Array Cameras, as well as the mobile or DSC markets.

Different imaging systems in which the Milbeaut® series has been adopted

In the video centric imaging market, currently, image resolution is required to be much higher quality, for example from Full HD to 4K resolution and frame rate also become from 30fps to 60fps. In order to process such high resolution and frame rate, a very sophisticated image pipe line is required with low power architecture. Moreover, the market requires products which are unique, such as supporting multi-streaming input from several sensors simultaneously to make stereoscopic images for VR. To cater for this sector, Socionext has developed a new generation of powerful Image Signal Processors for video centric imaging.

Key Features

Powerful Image Pipeline & General Propose ARM processor

  • Milbeaut® imaging pipeline@1.2Gpixel/sec (dual pipe)
  • ARM Cortex A7 Quad (658MHz + Neon) 1MB L2-$
  • ARM Cortex M0 (100MHz Power Management)
  • General DSP (400MHz for Computer Vision)
  • Object and Geometric Engines
  • 2D Graphics Engine

Image Processing & Video Codec

  • HEVC codec 4K 60p (Encode/Decode)
  • H.264 codec 4K 30p (Encode/Decode)
  • Dual streaming 4K 60p + 1080 30p
  • JPEG 600Mp/s
  • Pre-Process: 600Mp/s x 4 pipes
  • Bayer to YCC: 600Mp/s x 2 pipes


  • USB 2.0 Host Device/USB 3.0 Device
  • SD Card (SD-IO 3.0/4.0 USH-1/2)
  • eMMC 5.0/NAND flash
  • HDMI 2.0/PCIe Gen2@ 2lane
  • Audio I/F (I2Sx2, PDMx2, SLIMBusx2)
  • MIPI DSI output 4lanes (1.5Gbps/lane)
  • MIPI CSI-2/SLVS-EC/SLVDS for sensor
  • NETSEC (SHA-1, SHA-256, AES128/256, MD-5)

Camera Features

  • 3DNR (Temporal NR with Ghost removal)
  • Geometric distortion correction (de-warping)
  • Local Tone Mapping/High Dynamic Range
  • Face/Object detection and tracking
  • Video Image Stabilization/time lapse

Socionext Milbeaut Imaging for Cameras & Robotics

Camera Solution Catalogue


Size: 3.491 Megabyte | Date: 30.08.2018 18:38

Factsheet: Milbeaut® Image Signal Processor


Size: 0.622 Megabyte | Date: 30.08.2018 18:38


“SC2000” is the latest SoC of the “Milbeaut® series”. Equipped with a digital signal processor optimized for computer vision, it also features advanced functionalities such as 360-degree, real-time spherical stitching with multi cameras, image stabilization for without mechanical gimbals, and rolling shutter correction.

The image processing performance is up to 1.2 Giga pixel per second, three times faster than the previous processor, while the power consumption is lower than 1.7W in typical operating conditions.

“SC2000” targeting Action Camera, Drone Camera, supporting various functions with high performance and low power consumption of the latest-trend.

Socionext chip SC2000

Milbeaut® Solution

Since its first release in 2000, the “Milbeaut® series” of image processors has established a track record of DSLR, smartphones, surveillance camera and other various cameras.

In recent years, video shooting by equipment such as drones, action cameras or security cameras is becoming more popular, and the demand for high definition and picture quality is also growing rapidly. High-speed processing of increased image data at low power is now an essential requirement for these applications.


4-Camera Stitching

It's possible to stitch the video captured from at most 4 cameras (Max:4K 30fps). When using a fish-eye lens, it's possible to capture a video by the wider field angle by correcting the distortion in real time.

4-Camera Stitching

Slow Motion (Full HD 240fps video)

High frame rate video capture is possible. The captured video can be enjoyed as slow motion video using an application that can change the playback frame rate.

Slow Motion

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

HDR feature prevents under/over exposures and captures more vivid and detailed image in difficult scenes such as backlight, high contrast, and night scenes. Available for both Still and Video captures up to 30fps in full HD size.



ISP Process


Product Structure



CortexA7-Quad 650MHz

Package size

15mm, 0.5mm pitch

SDRAM type


Image Processing rate

Max 1.2Gpixel/sec

Max Pixel Size

No Limitation

Sensor I/F

MIPI Rx (4 Lane) 2.3 Gbps x 1ch S-LVDS (16 Lane/4 clk) 1.0 Gbps SLVS-EC (8 Lane)

Host I/F

PCI-e, USB3.0, 1Gbit Ethernet


MIPI-DSI/16bit Parallel


HDMI 2.0

Video Codec

H.264 4K 30p/HEVC 4K 30p

Chroma NR (Suppre)


Bayer NR (ELF)


Lens Distortion Correction


Face Detection

(Hardware Assist)

Smile/Blink Detection

(Hardware Assist)

High Dynamic Range (HDR)


EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)


Defect Pixel Correction


Color Aberration




Factsheet: SC2000 Milbeaut Image Processor


Size: 3.102 Megabyte | Date: 30.08.2018 18:38

A new addition to the ‘Milbeaut Surveillance Camera series’ is the SC2002 SoC which has been developed to realize “Visual Sensing” such as Prediction, Recognition and Detection. The main feature of the ‘SC2002’ is the new H.265 video encoder and image processing performance, while the power consumption is lower than 1.5 Watt in typical operating conditions.

It has the latest functions for capturing high-quality images in low light conditions and achieves high performance with low power consumption. The surveillance camera market, continues to grow steadily with the expanding global security needs.

Milbeaut ISP Solution

Since its first release in 2000, the Milbeaut series of image processors has established an excellent track record for DSLR, smartphones, surveillance camera and various other cameras. In recent years, video shooting by equipment such as drones, action cameras or security cameras has become very popular, and the demand for high definition picture quality is growing rapidly. High-speed processing of increased image data at low power is now an essential requirement for these applications.

Different imaging systems in which the Milbeaut® series has been adopted

Key Feature

  • Low illumination — With this function, it is possible to greatly improve the shooting quality in an ultra low illumination environment.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

  • The HDR feature prevents under/over exposures and captures a more vivid and detailed image in difficult situations, such as backlight, high contrast, and night scenes.





CortexA9-Dual 600MHz

SDRAM type

DDR3/DDR3L 16bitx2ch

Package size

17mm x 0.65mm pitch


Typ. 1.5W … Worst 3W

Operation Temperature

-20°C … +85°C

Video Codec

H.264/H.265 3M 60p

Sensor I/F

S-LVDS(8lane/1clk) 648Mbps/lane CMOS 12bit Raw


USB2.0 Host/Device SDCard(UHS-1x2ch:192MHz) NAND Flash(8bit) Composite Video (NTSC/PAL)

Video I/F

(In) Y/C separate 16bits (ITU-R BT656/BT1120)

Low Illumination


Chroma NR (Suppr.)




Lens Distorion Correction


Face Detection


Object Detection


High Dynamic Range (HDR)


Headlight Detection


Specific area Masking (OSD/mosaic/compression)






Factsheet: SC2002 – Milbeaut® Image Processor


Size: 2.459 Megabyte | Date: 30.08.2018 18:38

“MBG967” is the latest model of the “Mobile series” lineup targeting smartphones, supporting various functions including low-light still capture and depth-map generation with the latest- trend dual camera.

The trend for “dual cameras”, equipped with two camera modules, is expected to grow in the mobile camera market within the next few years.

Dual camera will allow advanced features such as low-light still capture using color and mono sensors, DSLR-quality background blur, etc., with much compact chassis and less limitations compared to current mobile cameras.

In addition to basic functions required for dual camera, we support the latest high-speed/high-precision Auto-Focus (“Super Hybrid AF”), contributing and allowing expressions in mobile environment for higher possibilities.

Milbeaut ISP solution

“Milbeaut” is a high quality imaging processor with track record of DSLR, smartphones, surveillance camera and other various cameras since its start-up in 2000.

Socionext will provide various imaging solution based on our experience in image processing technology accumulated with Milbeaut’s 15 years of history.

Key Features

  • 4K2K 30fps
  • Dual Camera Solution
    • Depth-Map Generation (Dual sensor module is required) Following solutions can be achieved using Depth-Map.
    • Low Light Shot (Mono + Color dual sensor module is required)
      High sensitivity and low noise capture by using Color Sensor + Mono Sensor.
  • Super Hybrid AF
    • Achieve High-speed & accuracy AF in all situations
    • Three types of hybrid of an auto-focus function
      • Contrast AF
      • Phase Detection AF (PDAF) - Laser AF
Image with tree and background blur

Demonstration of wideaperturere focus


ISP Process

55nm CMOS Technology


1Gbit LPDDR-2


16Mbit nor Flash

Package size

9.0 x 10.0 x max. 1.3[mm] BGA 217P


ARM964 288 MHz single core x2

Host IF

MIPI 4/2/1lane (1.5Gbps/lane) YUV422 YUV420 (Legacy) JPEG/NV12

Demosaic Capability


Max Image size


Sensor IF

MIPI 4/2/1lane (1.5Gbps/lane) MIPI 4/2/1lane (1.5Gbps/lane) MIPI 2/1lane (1.5Gbps/lane)

DDR Memory

Sip LPDDR-2 400MHz

Internal Memory

512K Byte (High Speed SRAM)

Adaptive WDR for still

Chroma NR (still/video)

Shading/Defect Pixel Correct

Lens distortion correction

ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag)

16M 30fps/21M 24fps

Continuous Shoot (without video)

16M 15fps

Instant Capture


AF/Continuous AF

10point Vertical horizontal statistics

Video capability (depend on sensor input size)

1080p 60fps 2Kx4K 30fps

Digital Zoom

x4 (or over)

Still EIS

High ISO Approach

Factsheet: MBG967 Milbeaut® Image Processor


Size: 0.466 Megabyte | Date: 30.08.2018 18:38

The Socionext Milbeaut® series development kits will enable fast and easy software as well as  hardware development for your target image signal processor product.

All boards are designed to speed-up development efforts and reduce time to market for typical camera applications.

Our kits are supported by a range of standard software development tools, come with example software, additional image tools and include comprehensive documentation.

Available Tools

Name Tool P/N ISP product Description
 SC2000 Smart-Kit SC2000D05-B-200 SC2000 Reference Design-Kit for Mobile Camera
 SC2000 Evaluation Board SC0B01A-00B SC2000 Evaluation Board for M10V
 SC2002 Evaluation-Kit SC0B03A-00A SC2002 Evaluation Board for M11S
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