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The development of complex System-on-Chip (SoC) designs is advancing rapidly, combining embedded multi-core CPUs, high-performance system buses and high-speed data conversion, and serial interface IPs to meet the most demanding system requirements.

With 40 years’ experience, Socionext is one of the world’s leading providers of Custom SoC solutions. By focusing on all aspects of the design process, from system architecture definition to chip implementation, we are able to ensure that the most demanding of design targets can be met, whilst optimizing project TAT. Our dedicated ASIC teams in Langen and throughout the world have world-leading expertise in the implementation of extremely complex Custom SoC designs using the latest semiconductor technologies.

Design Support

Based on our well-proven, robust design flow, we are able to optimize the implementation of designs in a wide range of process technologies, from 90nm to 16nm. Socionext works with a variety of foundry partners to offer the best solution for each project.

Both full-custom and platform based developments are supported, together with the option to provide customized versions of existing Socionext standard products.

Socionext also offers advanced design services such as an SoC evaluation environment for chip architecture definition; high-level synthesis support; logic design; software and PCB development.

Our platform based solutions offer a stand-alone SoC combining an ARM-based multi-core CPU subsystem with media processing, communications and memory interface IP, coupled with an external FPGA board for customer logic evaluation. This approach not only reduces development risk but speeds time-to-market for the Custom SoC itself.

With increasing functionality, integration and performance, power consumption becomes an increasingly critical issue.  As an integral part of its proven design flow, Socionext supports a variety of power optimization methodologies such as multi-voltage design, on-chip power management and adaptive power supply control.

IP Portfolio

Socionext offers an extensive portfolio of silicon-proven IP to minimize development time and ensure the highest levels of quality. All IPs we offer, whether internally developed or sourced from 3rd parties, have to pass our unique IP Verification Flow before they are applied in customer designs.

The rich line-up of available IPs covers a broad spectrum of possible applications from media and image processing to communications and memory interfaces.

Our comprehensive license agreement with ARM enables us to offer the optimal CPU core(s) for each application. We offer verified reference designs optimized for each core variant in order to minimize risk and development time.

We offer an extensive range of analog macros including data converters, power management functions and complete AFEs for specific applications. In particular, our data converter portfolio covers the complete spectrum of requirements from high resolution to ultra high-speed conversion rates.

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Custom SoC (ASIC) Brochure


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High-Performance & Custom ASIC (SoC)

A platform SoC (“PF SoC”) is a general-purpose processor serving as the basis of our system development support solutions, which reduce such customer risks as developmental delays and cost overruns in system development.

Thanks to their high performance CPUs and GPUs, as well as a high level of extensibility, our PF SoCs are capable of meeting a wide variety of needs that cannot be met with existing application processors, thereby solving customer issues.


With their high performance CPUs and GPUs, as well as high-speed interfaces, this product family offers the best products for developing high performance, low power consumption systems at low cost.

We have a product lineup that supports the diverse requirements of office, industrial, medical, and other equipment that cannot be met by current application processors. In addition, we have an evaluation board and software that enable quick commencement of system development.

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Equipped with High Performance CPUs and Advanced GPUs

With its high performance CPU and a GPU that supports GPGPU computing, PF SoCs provide a vastly improved software development environment that increases the potential for realizing in software a level of functionality that to date was only possible in hardware. Advances in software-oriented development will not only increase system development efficiency and improve the inheritability and portability of software resources, but will also accelerate the launching of customer products.


SoCs with Easily Enhanceable Functionality

PF SoCs can also meet requirements related to the enhancement of product functionality through the use of hardware situated outside the SoC in a product's configuration. The PF SoC makes the development of high-performance systems possible thanks to its high-speed interfaces (including PCI Express) whose generous bandwidth prevents bottlenecks in interfaces with custom LSIs outside the SoC.

Development Environment for Increasing Efficiency of Development

The purpose of our platform software is to increase the cost effectiveness of software development for PF SoC users. In addition to an OS and device drivers, the platform software includes firmware that maximizes the performance of the PF SoC. What's more, it includes OpenGL ES, OpenCL and other standard libraries supporting OpenAPI, that reduce development periods and enhance asset utilization.


Platform SoC Details

Features Product Specifications Development Environment
Automotive Custom SoCs

Socionext, the world's leading company in custom Soc (ASIC), we have been designing and developing custom SOC products for automotive use with high-performance and high-quality technology that we have cultivated for long time, and we have already adopted it for many customers.
Socionext contributes to the realization of a safe, secure and comfortable mobility system.


Automotive ASIC Solutions Flyer


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Socionext's automotive custom SoCs are used in the following products:

  • LiDAR
  • V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) system
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Camera (Viewing/Sensing)
  • Car Navigation System
  • OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)
  • CarTV

Initiatives For Automotive

Socionext is working on taking various measures to ensure high levels of quality and reliability, including designs that prevent failure and reduce manufacturing defects and quality control through a close partnership with our contract manufacturers.

  • Design Strategy (DFM/DFT)
  • Test Strategy
  • Reliability Test (AEC-Q100)
  • Production Process Control (Automotive Service Package)
  • Functional Safety (ISO26262)
  • Document (PPAP)
  • Customer Complaints (8D Report)


With the cooperation of each partner, Socionext is working on the development of a custom SoC for automotive application with Functional safety.

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