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Established in 2006, the Munich-based Graphics Competence Center specializes in hard- and software product development. Through our technical customer support and marketing expertise, we have established ourselves as leaders in embedded graphics solutions.

We maintain close contact with European customers to monitor current and future requirements for embedded graphics applications, reflecting the industry trend towards greater functionality, performance and integration.

System-on-Chip and Graphics Processors expertise to meet your needs. Market analysis, product specification, hardware & software development, prototyping & evaluation board design are combined under one roof, enabling us to offer optimized solutions for a comprehensive range of automotive and embedded environments.

The engineering services we offer include software implementation, the development of drivers and tool suites, and customization of APIs and tools. We also offer HMI design and integration for proof-of-concepts. Close co-operation with our customers ensures each product is tailored to its exact application. In-house customer training and product-specific hardware & software support round off the GCC service portfolio.

Graphics Solutions

Based on the ARM® Cortex® which includes the A9 and A5, the System on Chip (SoC) family combines a broad level of integration on a single chip architecture. This scalable multicore platform includes single, dual and quad core based solutions. These coordinated powerful graphic processors offer highly flexible designs of user interfaces in 3D and/or 2D. This next level of multimedia processing provides advanced video technology in a variety of visual qualities. Targeting consumer, industrial, medical and automotive solutions, the family offers the right solution for customer needs and all parts are automotive qualified.

For applications in the field of remote displays and cameras, this product line-up also supports high speed APIX® interfaces from Inova Semiconductors. This point-to-point connectivity transmits uncompressed and resolution independent pixel data over long distances.

The ARM9™ processor SoC family enables ultra low cost single processor solutions. This device is highly optimized for various types of applications which require low power CPU performance in combination with sophisticated 2D/3D graphics features in a compact SoC. The product incorporates Inova Semiconductors’ innovative APIX® GBit/s interface (Automotive Pixel Link).

Related Products

SoC Series Package CPU 3D GPU 2D GPU Vision Processor Video Capture Display Controller APIX® Video En/Decoder TS Demux
 MB86R1x TE BGA 544 ARM Cortex A9
533 MHz
Socionext 'Arges' core
OpenGL ES 2.0
Socionext SEERIS No 4x 3x 3x APIX 2.0 No No
 MB86R2x FC BGA 672 Dual ARM Cortex A9
PowerVR™ SGX543
OpenGL ES 2.0
Socionext SEERIS No 6x 3x No No No
 SC1810 FC BGA 672 Quad ARM Cortex A9
1 GHz
PowerVR™ S8XE
OpenGL ES 3.1
Socionext SEERIS MDP2 Yes 6x 3x No Yes No
 MB8AL203x PBGA 484 Quad ARM Cortex A5
400 MHz
PowerVR™ SGX531
OpenGL ES 2.0
- No 2x 2x No Yes Yes




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Built on SOCIONEXT’s 2D SEERIS™ Pixel Engine, enables highly optimized and cost attractive solutions for a broad range of remote display uses up to 4k resolutions. Reduces the overall BOM and allows the realization of future proof architectures. Performs all graphics processing in a line-buffer based scheme, combined with a versatile and flexible sprite engine.

Integrates APIX video link up to 12 Gbps link speed. Includes safety features such as signature units to monitor the integrity of display contents, thus supporting the certification of Automotive Safety Integrity. Enables camera connectivity over Ethernet and supports touch controller connectivity through its back channel.

Products Resolution Package Input Output Video-link SRAM Flash Signature Units
 MB88F334/-6 1920x1024 LQFP-208, 28x28mm - TCON, OpenLDI 3 Gbps APIX®2 Rx
with HDCP
64k / 32k 4
 SC1711AH5 1280x480 LQFP-176, 20x20mm - TCON, OpenLDI 1 Gbps APIX®2 Rx 128k /56k 4
 MB86R91 - FBGA-289, 15x15mm OpenLDI, LVDS 2x MIPI-CSI2 1x 3 Gb/s APIX®2 Rx
3x 3 Gb/s APIX®2 Tx
- -
 SC1701AK3-100 3840x2160 BGA-319, 23x23mm MIPI-DSI, LVDS OLDI miniLVDS TCON 2x 6 Gb/s APIX®3 Rx
with HDCP
256k / 128k 2x8
 SC1701AH5-100 1920x1080 EPLQFP-216, 24x24mm MIPI-DSI LVDS TCON, OpenLDI, mini-LVDS 2x 3 Gb/s APIX®3 Rx
with HDCP
256k / 128k 8
 SC1701AK3-200 3840x2160 HSBGA-319, 23x23mm MIPI-DSI LVDS TCON, OpenLDI, mini-LVDS - 256k / 128k 2x8
 SC1701AH5-200 1920x1080 EPLQFP-216, 24x24mm MIPI-DSI LVDS TCON, OpenLDI, mini-LVDS - 256k / 128k 8




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SEERIS Rendering Display Engine Video Capture Engine Safety Feature

Unified Engines for Graphics, Display and Capture

In order to drive visual and animated graphics the SEERIS® engines provide multiple blocks that can be configured to customer needs. The visual content created by the operating system can be processed into a final image displayed on multiple screens.

The efficient system architecture allows the combination of graphics such as videos, pictures, icons or 3D graphics rendered by the GPU. General features consist of 10-bit per color processing, up to 4k resolution and shadowed register configuration. Industry-leading cost-efficient IP for graphics is able to drive the visual experience across a wide range of SoCs and is capable of working with different screen types, sizes and resolutions.

Additional features like a signature unit and/or CRC counters support safety critical use cases. These high-performance engines are designed for consumer, embedded and automotive applications. Their architecture offers complete scalable modules or subsystem solution IPs.

Memory Graphic
Steering wheel


  • Instrument Clusters
  • Multimedia and Infotainment
  • Driver Assistance Systems

Video Capture Engine

Input Capturing

  • 32-bit parallel RGBA or YUV 4:4:4/4:2:2 (HSync, VSync, Data enable, Field polarity)
  • ITU 656 (Interlaced YUV 4:2:2)

Video Analyze

  • Timing Detection
  • Histogram Measurement

Stream Processing

  • Gamma Correction
  • Linear Color Operation
  • Down-Scaling

Buffer Storing

  • RGBA, YUV or Compressed Format
  • De-Interlacing by Line Insertion (“Weave”)
  • Support for Fractional Ring Buffer Size (Optimized Memory Layout)
mobile phone


  • Smart Devices
  • Digital Cameras
  • Internet of Things

Multilayer Display Engine

Buffer Fetching

  • RGBA, YUV or Compressed Format
  • Packed and Planar Mode
  • Flip, Mirrored or Rotated
  • Warping
  • Support for Fractional Ring Buffer Size (Optimized Memory Layout)

Stream Blending

  • 4 Streams
  • Alpha Blending

Stream Processing

  • Linear Color Operation
  • Up-Scaling

Display Processing

  • Safety Layer Overlay
  • Panic Mode Fallback
  • Gamma Correction
  • Dither Operation
  • Signature Calculation


  • Connected Home
  • Healthcare
  • Home Electronics

2D Pixel Processing Engine

Buffer Fetching

  • RGBA, YUV or Compressed Format
  • Packed and Planar Mode
  • Alpha Layer
  • Flip, Mirrored or Rotated
  • Arbitrary Warping
  • Perspective Warping (2.5D)

Stream Processing

  • OpenGL/VL/WF Compliant Blending
  • Rop, any Logic Operation
  • Scaling
  • FIR Filter Operation, (5x5)
  • Non-Linear Color Correction
  • Linear Color Operation

Buffer Storing

  • RGBA, YUV or Compressed Format

Socionext's SEERIS® Graphics Engine IP

The 360° Wrap-Around View System provides increased driver situational awareness by combining images from multi camera inputs to create a 3D augmented reality view. With previous systems, which combined images into a 2D scene, only birds-eye views were available, making it difficult to recognize vehicles and pedestrians.

The 360° Wrap-Around View System creates a real-time 3D scene allowing the driver to view images at any position from any angle therefore making vehicle and pedestrian recognition substantially easier.

car overview

High-resolution images from mega-pixel cameras are combined to provide a scene free of brightness gaps and can be used to confirm the area surrounding the vehicle is free of obstructions.

Key Features 

  • Multiple Camera Inputs Around View Monitor: 4 (Optional Side Mirror Replacement: 2)
  • Real-Time 3D Scene
  • Free View Point Position
  • Camera Brightness Control

Application Areas

  • Around View Monitor
  • Parking Assistance
  • Area Security Systems

Application Example based on Socionext ARM® Core Processor

racing car speed

Socionext Embedded Software Austria GmbH in Linz (SESA) is a leading HMI tool provider and development partner for worldwide automotive, industrial, and telecommunication customers. SESA supports its customers with the CGI Studio tool environment as well as provision of software services mainly in the areas of HMI development and embedded software. SESA’s activities are driven by its close customer relationships and strong concentration on customers’ needs.

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