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The Future Technology for Interior Automotive Radar Sensors

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In this video, we're diving into the revolutionary SC1260 60GHz radar sensor designed for automotive interior sensing applications. With a focus on child presence detection, occupancy monitoring, and district control in a car, this sensor offers distinct advantages over other technologies.

The SC1260 radar sensor from Socionext sets a new standard for automotive interior sensing applications.

Its accuracy, power efficiency, and range of applications make it a game-changer in the industry.

Matthias Neumann – Senior Manager Strategic Marketing at Socionext Europe GmbH was interviewed about the brand new 60GHz Radar Sensor for Automotive Interior Sensing from Socionext.

• Child Presence Detection:

The SC1260 radar sensor achieves remarkable accuracy in motion detection, with the slightest motion like breathing or heartbeat.

Its ability to penetrate material makes it ideal for sensing applications, even when a child is covered by a blanket.

• Occupancy Monitoring:

Thanks to its angular resolution, the radar's occupancy tracking accurately identifies multiple persons in a car, even with three people sitting in a row.

The optimized antenna design ensures fine angular resolution for precise monitoring.

• Power Consumption:

Power consumption is essential, and the SC1260 addresses this with its intelligent power control sequencer.

It enables flexible duty cycle operation, resulting in an average power consumption of approximately 0.7 millivolts.

• Signal Processing:

The SC1260 integrates various signal processing blocks, including range FFT, filtering with the C4 engine, and distance and angle calculations.

All of this processing is performed in hardware, eliminating the need for external CPU or firmware.

• Gesture Control:

Utilizing point cloud data, the SC1260 tracks movements and positions of occupants for gesture control.

Its trajectory matching with reference data ensures high accuracy in identifying and recognizing hand gestures.

• Groundbreaking Features:

The SC1260 provides advanced signal processing capabilities that directly output point cloud data.

With its low average power consumption of only 0.7 milliwatts, it optimizes energy efficiency.

This compact sensor integrates two antennas within a package size of six by nine millimeters.

The range of applications is extensive, from tracking occupant movements in a car to vital sensing and gesture control.

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The Future Technology for Interior Automotive Radar Sensors | SC1260 60GHz Radar Sensor by Socionext
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