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Socionext’s Radio-wave Sensor wins the ‘Electronic Product of the Year’ at the British Engineering Excellence Awards

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Langen/Germany, 05. April, 2022 --- Socionext Inc. has won the ‘Electronic Product of the Year’ at the BEEAs event held in London on 18th March 2022.

̏We are extremely proud and privileged to be a winner of this prestigious award at an event that celebrates design excellence” said Stewart Bell, Director Business Development of Socionext Europe, upon receiving the Award. ̏The radio-wave sensor is an integrated single-chip solution that enables manufacturers to add sophisticated sensing capabilities to their security, IoT products, smart home devices as well as many other applications, e.g., presence and motion detection for energy saving, lighting control, building automation, video doorbell, etc.”

The dramatic shift in the way people operate and live caused by the pandemic has created significant interest in how to set up a safe and efficient home environment. For households subscribed to an interactive security system, it is now the central hub for many security-driven smart home controls such as lighting, access, and home monitoring. These products are built around advanced technology and include energy-efficient smart sensors.

Socionext’s single-chip, low-power, highly integrated, 24GHz radio-wave sensor has been specifically designed for IoT products, smart home applications, mobile devices, and industrial equipment. The SC1233 combines high levels of integration into a single IC package and incorporates a full CMOS-based semiconductor design to help reduce power consumption and manufacturing costs. The sensor comes with embedded FFT and signal-processing which reduces design resource requirements and costs for manufacturers who lack the experience or expertise in using radio-wave sensors.

The all-in-one package comes with a built-in motion detection function that detects the distance to an object and flags when movement is detected. The SC1233AR has a dual receiving antenna system that allows 2D detection with a Field of View of 120° and a detection range of up to 8m in the front direction. Compared to other sensing technologies this radio-wave sensor incorporates multiple antennas, both Tx and Rx integrated inside a single package which reduces customers’ development, workload and BOM costs.

These radio-wave sensors are part of Socionext’s program to help customers solve their complex design problems, while exploring the potential of new sensing technologies and developing new radio-wave sensor products and their usage in smart mobile devices, industrial equipment, security, and surveillance.

“Socionext is delighted to have been chosen as the recipient of this prestigious award,” said Teruaki Hasegawa, Head of Socionext’s IoT & Radar Sensing Business Unit. “Our RF sensor team strives for excellence by providing not only energy-efficient, feature-rich sensors but to design a wide range of capabilities into ultra-compact CMOS planar packages for ease of modern devices integration.”

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Presentation of the Award from left to right:
Neil Tyler (Editor, New Electronics), Stewart Bell (Socionext) and Professor Kevin Fong, who hosted the Awards

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 About Socionext

Socionext is a global, innovative enterprise that designs, develops and delivers System-on-Chip solutions to customers worldwide. The company is focused on technologies that drive todayʼs leading-edge applications in consumer, automotive and industrial markets. Socionext combines world-class expertise, experience, and an extensive IP portfolio to provide exceptional solutions and ensure a better quality of experience for customers. Founded in 2015, Socionext Inc. is headquartered in Yokohama, and has offices in Japan, Asia, United States and Europe to lead its product development and sales activities. For more information, visit www.socionext.com.


About Socionext Europe GmbH

Socionext Europe GmbH. (SNEU) is the Europe branch of Socionext Inc. headquartered in Langen/Frankfurt, Germany. Socionext Europe’s activities include semiconductor products, systems solutions, software, and other support services, making it ideally positioned to offer value-added service, design and solutions to key European markets.

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BEEAs - Socionext - Product of the year, March 2022

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