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Socionext to Showcase Its Latest Solutions at ICCAD 2019

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Langen/Germany, 15. November, 2019 --- Socionext Inc. will showcase its latest solutions at ICCAD (Nanjing, November 21-22, 2019), booth No.027~028.


ICCAD is the most important annual event of China's IC design industry. The theme of this year's conference is “build Chip Ecology, Round Chip Dream”, opportunities and challenges faced by the IC industry, especially the IC design industry will be deeply discussed. As a leading company in IC industry, Socionext will showcase several latest solutions, which includes Graphics IP, RF technologies, etc. Moreover, there are two keynote speeches will be given from Socionext.

SEERIS™ Graphics IP

The SEERIS™ 2D Graphics IP is a building block concept combining a collection of graphics processing units with focus on 2D operations, display control and video capture which can be combined on a system level to a more complex graphic subsystem. With its generic, flexible and silicon-proven concept it is made for a wide range of System-on-Chips and is capable of working with different types, sizes and resolutions.

Customers using SEERIS™ will be able to configure these blocks according to their specific needs, to provide quality video experiences in a wide range of applications, including automotive, consumer, medical equipment, and connected homes. SEERIS™ helps to develop SoCs in a shorter time and therefore get them to market faster.

Cluster with DMS Solution

The DMS (Driver Monitoring System), as one of the automotive cockpit sensing media, can alert the driver when signs of drowsiness or distraction are detected. Implanting the DMS algorithm into the cluster may provide a variety of key information such as driver identity, status and more on, providing a higher level of intelligent application.

RF Technology

With the popularization of “Digital Transformation (DX)”, more and more IoT devices are becoming smarter. Socionext has started to develop its RF/mmWave technologies since 2012, technologies covering from Sub-GHz to mm-Wave, and they feature high accuracy, small size, low power consumption. Socionext RF/mmWave solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications including IoT devices, security systems, smart home appliances and so on.

In-vehicle Remote Display Solution

The multi-display and networking trend of smart cars drives high-quality development for automotive data transmission. The SC1701 series utilizes two display controllers which allows flexible architectures with more than one display in a single chain. In terms of safety, the SC1701 series is equipped with multiple signature units to ensure the integrity of the image display and provide video freezing detection. 

High-Efficiency Processor SynQuacer

Socionext “SynQuacer™”SC2A11 is a multi-core processor with 24 cores of Arm Cortex-A53. The processor has been optimized to handle tasks whose throughput is critical though each individual tasks being relatively small-loaded. The Arm TrustZone with extended feature is implemented into SynQuacer SC2A11, and the processor can be used for applications where reliability and robustness are essential.

8K Media Player “s8”

“s8” is an 8K media player for applications such as public viewing and signage that can maximize the use of ultra-high-definition image quality of 8K video. It supports real-time decoding of H.265 (HEVC) 8K video data, and it supports playback of 8K contents saved in USB memory, and also supports cloud distribution of 8K contents.

Keynote Speeches at Conference Hall

Date: 21 November 2019, 16:35~16:55

Venue: zhonghua Hall, L1, Nanjing International Expo Convention Center

Forum: Top Forum

Topic: Exploring and Challenging: Make SoC Drive the future Innovation

Speaker: Toshiya Suzuki, President, Socionext Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Date: 22 November 2019, 10:00~10:20

Venue: Nanjing 302B, L3, Nanjing International Expo Convention Center

Forum: Subject Forum (II)

Topic: A New Era of Automotive Powered by 5G

Speaker: Benny Yu, Senior Marketing Manager, Socionext Technology

(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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