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Socionext Introduces Podcast Service

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Enhancing Vehicle Safety with Radar Sensor Technology
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Innovation Drives Change by Socionext
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Socionext are delighted to unveil our brand-new Podcast Service, geared to keep you connected to the momentum of transformative technology.

Socionext's Podcast Service crosses industries to offer you captivating episodes that delve into the high-tech worlds of Automotive, Industrial Automation, IoT & Radar Sensing, Networking and Visual Solutions. As a keen advocate of innovation, this service gives you valuable insight into the digital trends shaping our world.

Hosting Platforms:
Availability is key, and we've ensured our podcasts are accessible on all major platforms – listen via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Google Play and through our RSS feed.

Benefits for Listeners:
Our listeners are in for a quality experience of expert interviews, detailed analyses of industry trends, and innovative content. With Socionext's Podcast Service, you can expect to be enlightened, engaged and entertained.

Subscribe to our podcasts and stay in sync with the pulsating world of technology.

Our Latest podcast with Matthias Neumann is available below:

Podcast - Enhancing Vehicle Safety with Radar Sensor Technology

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All Socionext Podcasts can be viewed here:


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