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Socionext Introduces ISO26262 Certified Smart Graphic Display Controllers

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4th Generation Smart Graphic Display Controllers Enable Panoramic and Multi-displays

[Langen/Germany and Yokohama/Japan. July 15, 2022] --- Socionext, a global leader in the design and development of innovative System-on-Chip products, has announced a new series of smart display controllers, 'SC1721/ SC1722/ SC1723 Series', certified with ISO26262 for functional safety. Samples will be available at the end of July 2022.

The automotive industry is currently undergoing major transformations that occur approximately once every 100 years. The E/E (Electrical/Electronic) architecture, which is the system structure of automobiles, is changing from a distributed architecture to a domain/zone architecture. Automakers are adopting integrated cockpit systems linking multiple displays, such as meters, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), and head-up displays. Larger display sizes and screen resolutions are also driving the demand for improved image quality. Due to the changes, complying with the ISO26262 functional safety standard is critical for new automotive ADAS and infotainment systems development.

Socionext has been developing smart display controllers for automotive applications for many years. This fourth generation is equipped with an APIX®3 SerDes-repeater function that allows daisy-chaining of multiple smart display controllers, enabling up to four display connections in a chain. Compared to the previous generation, this function greatly improves the wiring efficiency of the vehicle and facilitates the cooperation of multiple displays. In addition, the company's proprietary SEERIS™ 2D graphics IP is integrated with cutting-edge functions, such as LED control and pixel compensation by Local Dimming, and Warping-on-the-fly dynamic interpolation of the Warp Map. Socionext improves vehicle safety by adding a mechanism to monitor external LED driver error detection and internal algorithm and supports functional safety (ASIL-B) by complying with the ISO26262 development process.

These features enable new architectures, such as panoramic displays for dashboards, to meet a growing trend of larger multi-display applications.


SC1721/ SC1722/ SC1723 Series Main Lineup and Specifications





Package – Pin





24mm x 24mm

23mm x 23mm

23mm x 23mm

Video Output
Resolution example

1920 x 1080

3840 x 1080

3840 x 2160

Video Output

Dual LVDS, OpenLDI

Dual LVDS, OpenLDI

eDP 5.4Gbps 4lane

APIX®3 SerDes-repeater*1

Rx:  2 x 3Gbps with HDCP2.3

Tx:  1 x 3Gbps

Rx:  2 x 3Gbps or 1 x 6Gbps with HDCP2.3

Tx:  1 x 6Gbps

Rx:  2 x 6Gbps with HDCP2.3

Tx:   1 x 6Gbps

Video Input*1




Local Dimming

512 LED block

512 LED block

1024 LED block





ISO26262 ASIL-B compliant development process




*1: APIX®3 SerDes-repeater or Video Input is exclusive depending on the lineup. 


About Socionext Inc.

Socionext Inc. is a global SoC (System-on-Chip) supplier and a pioneer of a unique “Solution SoC” business model through decades of industry experience and expertise. Socionext contributes to global innovation in advanced technologies including automotive, data center, networking, and smart devices. As a trusted silicon partner, Socionext delivers superior features, performance, and quality that differentiate its customers’ products and services from their competition.

Socionext Inc. is headquartered in Yokohama, and has offices in Japan, Asia, United States and Europe to lead its development and sales activities. For more information, visit https://www.socionext.com/en/.


About Socionext Europe GmbH

Socionext Europe (SNEU) plays a major role in the worldwide activities of Socionext Inc., one of the world’s leading fabless SoC suppliers. Its Headquarters is in Frankfurt, Germany with offices in Munich, Germany and Maidenhead, UK. The Munich Design and Support Center, a leader in embedded graphic solutions, specializes in hardware and software product development for the automotive sector. Maidenhead supports Socionext’s IP Development & Engineering Center with a focus on ultra-high speed data conversion IP. Socionext Europe offers customers a range of innovative Custom SoC solutions for today’s state-of-the-art applications with total support from start to finish. For more information please visit our website, email: info@eu.socionext.com or connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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