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Socionext Develops World's First Graphics Display Controller with OpenVX Compliant Hardware Accelerator

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Langen/Germany, March 2, 2017 --- Socionext Inc., a leader in state-of-the art system-on-chip technology, has developed the "SC1810" series, the fourth generation version of its high-performance graphics display controllers. In addition to further strengthening the graphics functions for in-vehicle display system, which the company has proven achievements, Socionext incorporated the world's first hardware accelerator that conforms with KhronosTM Group's computer vision API OpenVXTM to the SC1810. Socionext aims to provide high-performance, low power image recognition solutions for various embedded systems for home and industrial use, as well as automotive systems. Samples and the software development kit will be available from April 2017.

Read the German version here.

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