Socionext’s Hybrid Codec Powers Dwango's "Niconico Live” Streaming Service

Langen/Germany, 23. May, 2018 --- Socionext Inc. has collaborated with DwangoCo., Ltd. and developed a new video data transcoding system that will enhance Dwango's "Niconico Live” streaming service. The new system links video data processing servers with Socionext's Hybrid Codec Module M820L, and improves the performance of real-time video data transcoding, allowing many users to deliver and view the high-quality video at the same time. Dwango plans to deploy the system within this fiscal year.

Socionext has a track record of leading the industry in video codec technology and product development. It currently provides high-image quality, high-efficiency codec products, including 4K/60p HEVC-compatible multi-format codec SoC, the MB86M30, to customers in broadcasting and video streaming industries. Socionext's Hybrid Codec combines the high-performance processing of dedicated hardware and the flexible software processing of general purpose CPUs. It not only achieves high-speed encoding and decoding but also enables advanced utilization of video data by integrating useful information for video analysis, to the original data.

For Dwango, enhancement of transcoding processing capacity is indispensable for processing massive user-generated data that continues to increase every day. It has become a big challenge for providing advanced services, since increasing the number of servers with conventional configuration is reaching its limitation in terms of performance and power consumption.

Socionext and Dwango have been working closely since 2015, to address this issue and develop a high quality, high-efficiency video transcoding system. The companies have developed a system that links conventional video processing server with the M820L Hybrid Codec Module, equipped with the MB86M30 codec SoC and the SC2A11 multi-core processor. The new system is expected to achieve more than double the performance of existing systems configured only with the conventional servers. The MB86M30 mounted on M820L makes the system applicable to next-generation codec standard HEVC, and high-resolution 4K video.

The preparation to deploy the system is currently ongoing, and it is scheduled to start operation within the fiscal year 2018. Dwango and Socionext will continue their partnership and develop new technologies and services that enhance the quality of user experience in video data handling. 



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Socionext’s Hybrid Codec Powers Dwango's

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