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See the Future of Data Transmission with Nessum Technology!

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See the Future of Data Transmission with Nessum Technology!

Join us as Socionext’s Marketing Manager Tomislav Drenski, introduces Nessum Technology. Discover how Nessum is transforming data transmission with its advanced power line communication solutions, delivering unparalleled reliability and security across a variety of media.

Nessum technology stands out by promoting long-range, reliable and secure data communications through any conductor cable. It also supports near field wireless communications, including underwater communications making Nessum a versatile solution for a wide range of applications, from smart meters to building management.

This video covers:

  • The formation and significance of the Nessum Alliance, established in October 2023.
  • Key features that set Nessum apart from other powerline communication (PLC) technologies.
  • Real-world applications in smart cities, industrial sectors, and building management.
  • The benefits of using Nessum for long-distance, secure data transmission.
  • A demonstration of Nessum's radar sensor capabilities.
  • Specific use cases such as smart metering, building management, and industrial communications.

Key Features of Nessum Technology:

  • Supports data transmission over any type of conductive cable.
  • Includes wireless communication options, even for underwater applications.
  • Provides high-speed data transmission of up to 250 megabits per second.
  • Ensures secure and reliable communication over long distances.
  • Utilizes OFDM technology for noise resistance and flexible channel management.
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