Platform SoCs – High-speed and Highly-extensible General Purpose ARM SoCs

Welcome to Socionext and the Platform SoC

Socionext provides solutions centered around platform SoCs which are designed, implemented and qualified by Socionext. Socionext’s solutions enable high performance products to get to market fast, without system development risks.

The Key Features of this Platform SoC are

  • High performance CPU and GPU supporting general purpose GPU computing
  • Prototyping & Software Development ready- to-use
  • and High-quality Software

A couple of the Advantages of the Platform SoC are

  • Complete package SoCs, Board and Software available
  • Reuse of Platform SoC for Custom Design, additional or a reduction of features, as required

Applications areas could include

  • Office equipment
  • Factory Automation
  • Medical
  • Digital Signage
  • And Navigation Displays

Take a look at this demonstration.

The 4 buttons control how many CPUs are used to generate the video clips. Currently we have 2 A15 core and 2 A7 Cores. This enables smooth video from all streams.

Turning off one A7 core impedes performance but it doesn’t show a big difference. If we switch off an A15 core as well you can immediately see the quality drop.

When we switch off the second A15 core then we really see the single core struggle. As soon as we switch on all the core we return to running smooth video.


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