Experience Socionext’s Latest Automotive and Imaging Technologies at ‘electronica 2018’

Langen/Germany and Linz/ Austria, 24. October, 2018 --- Socionext Europe GmbH (SNEU) and Socionext Embedded Software Austria GmbH (SESA) will showcase their latest technologies at ’electronica’ (Munich, 13 – 16 November, 2018). Highlights include Domain Computing, Automotive Display Solutions, In-vehicle Graphics Computing, a Camera Reference Design Kit and Camera Image Processing, as well as the latest HMI Design & Embedded Design Software. https://electronica.de/

SNEU (Hall B4, Booth 500)

  • Domain Computing – Next Generation Automotive Architecture
    Domain computing introduces high-performance controllers to orchestrate car applications more efficiently, leaving the complex and costly distributed architecture behind. High integrated devices such as Socionext’s display controllers and graphics computing SoCs offer greater flexibility and efficiency in the development phase and in the field, at the same time reducing system cost.
  • Automotive Display Solutions – A Complete Safety Concept
    The next generation of display controllers for remote display applications in the car will be introduced. Three essential components have been integrated to produce a complete safety concept: high-speed serial video links up to 12Gbps, window-based signature units and up to two timing controllers for panel connectivity. An intelligent interlocking and coordinated integration of all functions, the SC1701 family offers unparalleled flexibility and cost saving for any in-vehicle display application.
  • In-Vehicle Graphics Computing – An Integrated HMI Solution
    Where there is a need to compute camera data and present it on a display in order to assist the driver, Socionext has a solution with its specialized SoC and software package. Surround view or rear view paired with demanding cluster applications can be realized with the SC1810 series, utilizing integrated vision and graphics processing units. OpenVX and OpenGL interfaces provide flexibility for custom applications.
  • Latest Camera Reference Design Kit – Enabling Rapid Development
    The ‘SC2000 Smart-Kit’ is a new camera reference design-kit enabling rapid development of mobile cameras up to 4K@60fps. Powered by Milbeaut® technology the reference kit includes recording and/or streaming through UVC and RTP and optimization for action, wearable, flying cameras, IoT and digital still cameras (DSCs). Included in the Kit is an SDK which enables easy code development together with reference camera hardware (4 stacked boards: a sensor board with IMX477, a processor board, IO and debug board) and all documentation, schematics and Gerber files.

SESA (Hall B4, Booth 354)

  • Holistic HMI approach
    SESA will be presenting the latest novelties in the fields of automotive HMI design and embedded software. One of the highlights will be a completely new designed holistic HMI approach. This automotive HMI has been created with CGI Studio and is based on Android/Linux. It will show, how multiple displays are perfectly interacting and communicating with each other. This is possible due to SESA’s powerful messaging and data binding tool, Courier Interaction Framework, for smooth interaction between the HMI application and external data sources. Based on modern hypervisor technology this holistic HMI approach will combine both seamless communication and maximum user experience.
  • AR Head-up-Displays
    We believe that it is time to bring the driver’s attention back to where it belongs: onto the road. We see the upcoming trend of augmented reality and HuD becoming a standard feature of the modern car. With built-in warping and low latency rendering of the powerful embedded Candera Render Engine, CGI Studio is the perfect solution for developing dynamic applications like AR-HuDs. By projecting the main information into the line of sight, driver distraction is reduced tremendously.
  • Presentation at the Exhibitor’s Forum
    On Wednesday 14th, at 10:30 am, SESA will also be available at Electronica’s Automotive Forum located in Hall B4 discussing holistic HMIs and current trends in development and usage of automotive HMI tools.


About Socionext Europe GmbH

Socionext Europe GmbH (SNEU) plays a major role in the worldwide activities of Socionext Inc. Founded in 2015, Socionext Europe is headquartered in Langen, near Frankfurt, with other locations in Munich, Braunschweig, Maidenhead and Swindon (UK) and Linz (Austria).
For more information, visit http://eu.socionext.com


About Socionext Embedded Software Austria GmbH

Socionext Embedded Software Austria GmbH in Linz (SESA) is a leading HMI tool provider and development partner for worldwide automotive, industrial, and telecommunication customers. SESA supports its customers with the CGI Studio tool environment as well as provision of software services mainly in the areas of HMI development and embedded software. SESA’s activities are driven by its close customer relationships and strong concentration on customers’ needs.

For more information, visit http://cgistudio.at


About Socionext Inc.

Socionext is a global, innovative enterprise that designs, develops and delivers System-on-Chip solutions to customers worldwide. The company is focused on imaging, networking, computing and other dynamic technologies that drive today’s leading-edge applications. Socionext combines world-class expertise, experience, and an extensive IP portfolio to provide exceptional solutions and ensure a better quality of experience for customers. Founded in 2015, Socionext Inc. is headquartered in Yokohama, and has offices in Japan, Asia, United States and Europe to lead its product development and sales activities. For more information, visit socionext.com.

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