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Video Distribution Solutions Newsletter

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Video Distribution Solutions Newsletter
Dear Reader,
IBC 2019 has now taken place and as the world’s most influential media and entertainment exhibition it certainly showed with a record number of attendees of 56,390. Our booth was extremely busy where visitors were able to see demonstrations of some of our latest 4K/8K video encoding solutions which we would like to share with you in this newsletter.

We are also pleased to announce our latest digital TV dual channel demodulator SC1502AF supporting various DVB and ISDB standards.

8K Real-time Video Streaming Solution

Two new products the e8 and s8 enable the immediate implementation of an 8K streaming system. The new ‘e8’ streaming encoder box encodes in real-time enabling live video streaming through a network with 8K resolution. The S8 8K media player performs local media playback of 8K60p/HEVC in real-time as well as supporting cloud distribution of 8K contents.

AV1 Hardware Accelerated Encoder Solution

This is the world’s first hardware-based implementation of an AV1 Encoding system which is capable of Full-HD real-time encoding at 60fps. AV1 data compression is 30% more effectively than HEVC but keeping image quality.

4K Video Low Latency Streaming Solution

TIdeal for live IP streaming the X500E UHD encoder meets and exceeds the rigorous demands of UHD/HEVC elevated processing power and can easily be used as a multicast system. The X500E is designed for real-time low latency encoding down to ~50ms encoding latency.

Socionext Adds 8K Encoding Feature to M820L Media Accelerator Card

Our latest solution enables an encoding acceleration feature of 8K resolution video with the ‘M820L’ media accelerator card. This card can be attached to a server system to accelerate codec processes without changing existing users’ server configuration.

Multi-standard DVB/ISDB Demodulator LSI

Developed as a cost-effective dual channel and multi-standard model our Digital TV Dual Channel Demodulator – SC1502AF supports various DVB and ISDB standards for terrestrial and satellite digital broadcasting channels as well as cable incl. ISDB-S3 and J.183.
Latest 4K/8K Solutions Video
Our 4K/8K solutions ensure users can attain advanced video streaming where high-definition, high quality and real-time are essential. If you have an application that you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact us
Kind regards
Your Socionext Solutions Team
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