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ASICs help build complex industrial and automotive systems

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ASICs help build complex industrial and automotive systems

ASICs help build complex industrial and automotive systems

New technologies are forcing industrial and automotive manufacturers to act. Topics such as machine learning, CNNs (convolutional neural networks), driver-assistance systems and functional safety have been dominating the agenda and are finding their way into many electrical systems in these markets.

While implementing the above requires a lot of high-performance circuitry to be integrated, the requirements for power and heat dissipation are similarly challenging and often contradictory.

Custom SoC (ASIC) solutions

Today’s state-of-the-art ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) offer unparalleled integration levels. Complete multi-processor systems using CPUs (central processing units), DSPs (digital signal processors), GPUs (graphical processing units), NNAs (neural network accelerators) and other digital circuits can be integrated together with analog and RF circuitry.

At the same time, ASICs are by definition customized products that can be tailored to the application they are designed for. This will help optimize your product for performance, power and area.

Why choose Socionext?

With over 40 years of experience in ASIC design and production, Socionext is your reliable partner for all things ASIC. Socionext offers:
  • access to all leading semiconductor foundries offering CMOS processes from 180nm down to 5nm
  • a wide range of IP (intellectual property) from ARM-based processor cores, high-speed interfaces, digital functional & interface IP to analog and RF IP
  • access to our unique and market-leading family of high-speed ADC/DAC IP
  • digital frontend and backend design services
  • custom analog or RF sub-systems
  • handling of manufacturing, packaging, test and logistics of your ASIC
  • additional services like software and evaluation board design

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