3D Audio – Surround Technology – The ‘Close-to-Ear’ Sound Effect

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Socionext’s 3D acoustic surround technology, which has seen significant success in commercial applications for the gaming market, delivers a state-of-the-art user interface with sound localization control for in-vehicle applications such as driver assistance and infotainment systems, helping the driver perceive intuitive directions and warning signs.

The software-generated ‘Close-to-Ear’ effect encourages the driver to feel as if the speakers are located immediately next to the ear.

The possibility of off-line processing via a ‘3D Authoring Tool’ removes the need for dedicated speakers or DSP, enabling use in a wide range of vehicle models at lower cost.

Robust sound localization technology enables its use in challenging in-vehicle conditions such as unsymmetrical speaker layouts and acoustic reflections.

A couple of Key Features are the Realize surprising 3D effect with only 2 front speakers and the impressive ‘Close-to-Ear’ sound effect.

If we look at the applications then we have ADAS, Driver Monitoring Systems the Notebook PC, Tablets & Smartphones and Gaming machines.

One of the key Advantages is there is No hardware modification and it can be Customized for any product.

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