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Complex Applications need Solution SoCs

Think Socionext

You have a problem. You cannot achieve the performance you need with your design; the power is too high as are the costs. There are no off-the-shelf components that offer you a solution and you have no in-house design capabilities for an ASIC approach.

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Custom SoC Solutions

Think Solution SoC - Think Socionext, the specialist in Solution SoC.
Based on your target specification, our chip design experts will work with you to define the optimum SoC solution for your application. We focus on applications that need advanced process technologies with challenging complexity and demanding performance requirements. Our Solution SoC capabilities enable design optimization with the additional benefits of IP protection, product differentiation and security.

Through us customers can access a wide range of IP in the fields of ARM®-based processor cores, special I/O and high-speed interfaces, and functional, interface and analogue IP. Our own in-house standard SoCs also offer a source of differentiating IP for customized applications. 

This is complemented by our leading-edge chip design and implementation expertise, especially in areas such as custom analog and complex multicore processor subsystems.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of Solution SoC solutions and as a fabless company we are able to select the optimum silicon process technology for your needs.

With our many years of expertise in developing innovative products and solutions you know you can count on us.

Think Solution SoC – Think Socionext