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Socionext’s solutions for Intelligent Surveillance and Security Systems

Socionext’s solutions for Intelligent Surveillance and Security Systems

Surveillance cameras are everywhere and are an important part of life for cities, law enforcement, industry, consumer, monitoring traffic, buildings and crime prevention. Unfortunately, they aren’t all up to the task. These cameras, whether video or stationary cameras, have a lot to contend with such as bad weather conditions, low lighting, difficult viewing angles, blurry images, making capturing relevant information difficult to achieve.

Until now.

Socionext has introduced a range of advanced imaging ICs that are able to capture high-quality images even in low light conditions with light compensation built-in. They are able to stabilize blurred or shaky images, seamless stitch images, as well as perform facial detection, it means intelligent processing at its best.

Introducing Next Generation Intelligent Surveillance and Security Systems

Socionext’s imaging technology expertise has been built-in to a complete range of ultra-compact, low power image processors. These processors now mean that surveillance and security systems are able to have faster shutter speeds and high-quality images, in fact, everything to make capturing relevant information possible. Take a look at some of the features:

Advanced Viewing Angles

Utilising Socionext’s technology means omnidirectional viewing is possible. This technology utilizes three-dimensional algorithms which combines images from a dual fish-eye lens enabling high-definition viewing of a wide area.

High Definition Video

HEVC encoding built into the processors enables high quality video at half the bit-rate of normal H.264. Capturing high definition video is data intensive but utilising Socionext’s processors not only are high quality images possible but also bandwidth and storage is reduced.

Low Light Conditions

the imaging ICs feature both DNR (three-dimensional Noise Reduction) and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) which means even in low light situations high quality images are possible

Advanced Image Stabilization

Socionext’s Enhanced Image Stabilization (EIS) technology

means that blurry, shaky videos are a thing of the past. With EIS built-in the ICs ensure the delivery of clear video images and with lower power consumption than other solutions.

Processing Video Data

Socionext’s proprietary image processing algorithms means that large amounts of captured video data can be processed, understood and filtered much more efficiently.

The Future

Intelligent security and surveillance technology will continue to grow across all industries as more and more protection of the public and critical infrastructure is required.

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