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Latest Video Processing Solutions on Display at IBC 2018

The IBC Exhibition is the world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show, a show not to be missed, and where we showcased our latest video processing solutions.

 A World’s First

On the Socionext stand we gave an update on  a World First with our AV1 Hardware Accelerated Encoder. This hardware-based implementation of an encoding system utilises AV1 which is a new advanced video data compression standard capable of compressing data 30% more efficiently than HEVC.

High Density Transcoder Accelerator

Another product on display was our M820L PCIe card to accelerate encoding and transcoding processes that can be attached to a server’s system without changing existing users’ server configuration.  The M820 series combines the industry’s highest performance processing power using dedicated codec hardware and flexible software processing via high-efficiency CPU. FFmpeg can be used to operate the encoding process which simplifies the integration of the accelerator into existing video workflows.

Live IP Streaming – Providing superior 4K video quality

Live IP streaming was another focus which was demonstrated with a prototype of our new low latency UHD Encoder Box. Based on our highly reliable codec SoC, the X500E meets and exceeds the rigorous demands for UHD/HEVC elevated processing power, using  reduced bandwidth transport capacity to meet and exceed the rigorous demands for UHD/HEVC processing power as well providing 4K video quality.

A Sneak Preview
Visitors also had the chance to preview our new codec product that will support the streaming of 8K resolutions. The 8k Streaming Box enables real-time video streaming through a network with 8K resolution which makes an impressive experience for public viewing, live streaming and other applications. In combination with the 8K Media Player Socionext offers an end-to-end solution for  8K/60p which is easy to use.

Latest Video Processing Solutions on Display at IBC
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