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Industry 4.0 Application?

Think Solution SoC.
Think Socionext.

Here at Socionext we have been focused on Industry 4.0 for many years, working with customers to develop Solution SoCs to cope with its many challenges. Challenges from networking and data handling to machine vision. The latter being one of our core capabilities. A further challenge is the large number of communication standards which have been adopted within the production process as well as ensuring the reliability and functional safety of equipment and personnel.

The ability to handle large amounts of data at the Edge is becoming increasingly important as is the growing demand for networking and computing for vision and image recognition without human intervention.

Socionext has developed a number of solutions which simplify the development of Industry 4.0 equipment. Our Solution SoC capabilities are playing a key role in the provision of optimized solutions bringing many advantages in areas such as IP protection, functional safety, lifecycle management, industrial networking and security. Industry 4.0 requires cost-effective, powerful SoC solutions which offer virtually the same performance level as CPUs and GPUs but with significantly lower power consumption.

We have established many partnerships within the Industry 4.0 environment and have helped solution providers to design systems specially tailored to meet specific requirements. Through us customers can access a wide range of IP in the fields of ARM®-based and other processor cores, special I/O and high-speed interfaces, functional, interface and analogue IP.

Utilising our custom design services we enable companies to have their own dedicated and unique SoCs that have our full support over the entire product lifetime. With over 40 years’ experience, we are a dependable partner to satisfy all Solution SoC requirements in Industry 4.0 applications including Drives, Programmable Logic Controller, Sensors and Metering. Our expertise shows.

Think Solution SoC – Think Socionext