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Booth 28 at InCabin was definitely the place to be for the launch of our groundbreaking SC1260 60GHz Radar Sensor!

The InCabin Conference and Exhibition, now in its second year, proved to be an outstanding event for Automotive Interior Specialists. We extend a big shout-out to everyone who visited our booth and allowed us to showcase our latest product, the advanced SC1260 Radar Sensor, which revolutionizes occupant protection in vehicles.

Our Radar Sensor, equipped with an integrated Antenna-in-Package, has been specifically designed for Automotive Interior Sensing. It boasts exceptional features such as minimal power consumption, compact size, and intelligent functionality. This all-in-one CMOS 60GHz radar sensor excels at detecting the 3D position of moving objects within a vehicle's cabin.

As one of the first companies to develop ultra-compact, ultra-low power 60GHz radio-frequency ranging sensors for automotive applications, we have taken the lead in creating sensors with built-in radar signal operation circuits for range-finding and angle calculations.

At our booth, visitors had the opportunity to witness the invaluable applications of this exciting new radar sensor within the cabin. Let's explore some of these applications:

Child Presence Detection

  • Prevention of child deaths due to heat strokes when left unattended in a car
  • Detection of the presence of a person/child and monitoring of vital signs

Our radar sensor achieves remarkable accuracy in detecting even the slightest movements, such as breathing or a heartbeat. It can penetrate materials, making it ideal for vital sensing, even when a child seat is covered by a blanket.

Occupancy Monitoring

  • Seatbelt reminders and airbag deactivation
  • Accurate identification of the position of multiple occupants

A crucial aspect of our radar's capabilities lies in its angular resolution. By optimizing the antenna design, we can effectively monitor multiple individuals in a car, even when three people are sitting in a row.

Intrusion Detection

  • Security monitoring system for protecting vehicles from intruders
  • Detection of suspicious persons around the vehicle triggers a camera for recording

The radar sensor not only triggers an alarm system but can also penetrate materials like glass. It effectively detects suspicious individuals near a vehicle, subsequently activating a camera to record the event.

Gesture Control

  • Touchless display control
  • Recognition of 3D hand gestures for screen swiping
  • Sensor mounted on the dashboard

Utilizing point-cloud data, we match the trajectory of hand movements with reference data, enabling us to recognize and identify various gestures with a high rate of accuracy.

Key Product Highlights

  • All-in-one, easy-to-use single chip solution
  • Built-in antennas for 2-Tx/4Rx
  • Integrated advanced signal processing
  • Embedded voltage regulator
  • Only requires one supply at 1.8V
  • Compact size of 6mm x 9mm
  • Wide bandwidth of up to 6.8GHz and high accuracy linear chirp FMCW radar
  • TDM-MIMO operation to realize a virtual antenna array
  • Low power consumption of 0.72mW (In case of 0.1% duty cycle operation)
  • Automotive qualification AEC-Q100 Grade 2

Advanced Signal Processing

Our chip integrates several elements for advanced signal processing. Firstly, we have incorporated a range of FFT for essential processing, along with a CFAR engine for filtering. Additionally, the hardware enables distance and angle calculations, as well as data clustering. This allows us to directly output point-cloud data in X, Y, and Z co-ordinates. We can define 3D detection zones, and an interrupt notification is generated to wake up the CPU host for further processing only if there is movement within the zone. All of this functionality is built into the hardware, without any need for a CPU or any type of firmware.

Low Power Operation

Efficient power consumption is a critical consideration in radar sensor design. The number and characteristics of antennas directly impact the power usage. In the case of our SC1260 Radar Sensor, we have implemented an intelligent power control sequencer. This feature grants us the flexibility to control the duty cycle effectively, resulting in an impressive average power consumption of 0.72mW.

With an array of groundbreaking features, visitors to our booth were able to fully appreciate the remarkable capabilities of the SC1260 Radar Sensor.

See Matthias Neumann, Senior Manager of Smart Devices, in action as he launches our Radar Sensor to the press. Witness his expertise and passion as he showcases the remarkable features of our SC1260 Radar Sensor.

We genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone at the event and engaging in insightful discussions about the SC1260 Radar Sensor. We eagerly anticipate meeting all of you again next year at InCabin.

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Press Briefing on Automotive Radar Sensors by Matthias Neumann
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Automotive Radar Sensors for Interior Use Cases

Take a look at our latest video and factsheet for more insight into this exciting product.