Socionext Europe Showcases Highlights at Embedded World 2024!

In its 22nd year, the event was a hub of the latest innovations.

Our booth offered insights into Socionext’s custom SoC solutions demonstrating our expertise in pioneering technologies across automotive, smart sensing & Nessum, and IoT sectors.

Video Highlights from Embedded World 2024

Automotive Solution SoCs

We are well known for our ASIC and custom SoC expertise within the Automotive sector. We offer personalized solutions for applications such as ADAS, Central Computing, Sensors, and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI). Socionext enables customers to create cutting-edge integrated circuits through our investment in leading-edge technologies, IPs, and software.

Smart Display Controllers for Automotive

Guests saw how our smart display controllers ensure fail-safe operation, even in the context of increasingly complex multi-display cockpit systems. These smart display controllers guarantee an error-free and high quality display of safety-critical content through a variety of special safety features. Everything is integrated into the graphics pipeline to realize remote display applications with functional safety, all based on a single chip solution.

Remote Multi Display Concept based on Socionext‘s display controller including safety features together with an APIX®3 SerDes Solution

Key Features
  • APIX®3 12Gbit/s link
  • SEERIS® 2D Graphics Engine
  • Sideband communication
  • Functional Safety Support
  • Peripherals: Touch controller, Audio generator, Sensor data handling

  • Automotive Multi-Displays
  • Remote Display Architectures

Warping Demonstration is showing the warping-on-the fly capabilities of the fourth generation Smart Display Controller SC1721x (ISO26262 ASIL-B compliant)

Key Features
  • SEERIS® 2D Graphics Engine
  • Warping-on-the-fly
  • APIX®3 2x 3Gbit/s link

  • Head-up Displays

Local Dimming Demonstration is showing local dimming including RGB pixel compensation capabilities of our fourth generation Smart Display Controller SC1721x (ISO26262 ASIL-B compliant)

Key Features
  • New SC1221x Display Controller
  • Local Dimming with 384 LED zones
  • Pixel Compensation
  • APIX®3 2x 3Gbit/s link

  • Automotive Displays

Radar Sensing

Delving into the dynamic realm of vehicle safety, we displayed our groundbreaking 60GHz Radar Sensing Technology, a crucial element in our pursuit of optimal vehicle safety for occupants. Our technology extends to Interior Sensing, focusing on applications within the vehicle's interior. Additionally, we had our classical Sensors designed for IoT applications, which feature 24/60GHz capabilities for motion detection, localization, classification, and gesture control


SC1232AR3 / SC1233AR3

“Easy-to-use” & “All-in-one” 24GHz radar sensor enabling motion and distance detection without any external MCU calculations

Key Features
  • Built-in antennas for 1-Tx / 2-Rx
  • Integrated signal processing
  • Configurable detection area
  • Intelligent power control sequencer <1mW

Sensor Output
  • Presence/motion detection (IRQ)
  • Distance measurement
  • Angle information (SC1233AR3)
Frequency bandwidth 180MHz (24.06-24.24GHz) FMCW radar
Antenna array1TX - 2RX
FOV (half distance angle)H-Plane 120°, E-Plane 110°
Detectable Range8m in front direction
Package9.0 mm x 9.0 mm x 1.18mm BGA
Average power consumption example0.5 mW (Operation average at 0.1% duty cycle)
160 mW (Operation maximum)
Operating temp.-40°C to 105°C


SC1240AR3 is an extremely low-power and intelligent CMOS 60GHz radar sensor device and available for 3D (including 1D, 2D) sensing without an external MCU.
It contains a high-performance signal processing unit and detects the 3D position of moving objects and the presence of the objects in any specific area.

Key Features
  • Built-in antennas for 1-Tx / 4-Rx
  • Advanced integrated signal processing
  • Customizable detection zones
  • Autonomous mode (without MCU)
  • Intelligent power control sequencer >1mW

Sensor Output
  • Raw FFT data
  • Presence/motion detection (IRQ)
  • Distance measurement
  • Angle detection
  • 3D position coordinates (X, Y, Z)
  • Point-cloud data (clustered)
Frequency bandwidth6.8GHz (57.1-63.9GHz) FMCW radar
Antenna array1TX - 4(2x2)RX
FOV (half distance angle)H-Plane 120°, E-Plane 120°
Sensing areaUp to 0.5 m*1 with a resolution of less than 1 cm*2

Up to 12 m*1 with a resolution of less than 12.4 cm*2
Package4.0 mm x 7.0 mm x 1.2mm FC-BGA
Average power consumption example0.72 mW (Operation average at 0.1% duty cycle)
250 mW (Operation maximum)
Operating temp.-40°C to 85°C

*1: depending on sensor configuration and environmental conditions
*2: tbc

Evaluation Kit

Nessum IC Communications

Nessum, the latest and most innovative solution for IoT communications was on display on our Booth. For long wired communications, Nessum taps into existing infrastructure, using any cable types such as power lines, coaxial, flat, and twisted pair. For short-range wireless data transmission Nessum excels in both air and water environments. A Nessum/Radar Sensor concept was able to demonstrate how easy it is for Nessum to control any devices within a very secure environment.


Latest ”state-of-the-art” solution for IoT communications.
Enabling data transmission, monitoring or control of for smart grid, home, building, city and industrial applications.

Key Features
  • Enables reliable long distance transmission and device management over “any wire“ or short range wireless air/water solutions
  • Embedded Nessum core conform to latest IEEE 1901-2020 (IEEE P1901c) standard
  • Low power and small package due to adavance manufacturing processes
  • Circuit/PCB design and BOM can be optimized resulting in a low cost solution
CPUARM Cortex-M3 125MHz
InterfacesSPI/UART/GPIO (support various connections)
NESSUM Core / PHY RateNessum / HD-PLC4 with Max: 250Mbps in 1x mode
Distance / Nodes10km@10hop (4x mode) / 1000 nodes (due to FW/Memory)
Supply / Power Consumption3.3V single / 200mW (typical)
PKG (Pin Q’ty)QFN 7x7 mm (60pin) Small PKG for compact design
Temperature -40℃~85℃
System Structure
Evaluation Kit

See the interviews of our experts at the show for more in-depth information on our products.

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