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Computers & Machines can See!

Just Imagine

Factory automation systems that are able to see and respond to their surroundings making them easier to use, operation more efficient and a safer environment for those working on them.

Smart sensing machines able to recognize faces, gestures and behaviors bringing personalization and security into your home as well as convenience. Ensuring sophisticated image recognition.

Vehicles with ADAS on board instantaneously detecting and reacting to conditions and hazards thereby improving safety and comfort of everyone inside.

All of these and many more applications, such as augmented reality, smart video surveillance, are possible with the advances in machine learning and sensor technologies such as Socionext’s ‘SC1810’

Advanced Computer Vision Solutions with Socionext’s First Graphics SoC with OpenVX

Earlier this year, Socionext launched the new SC1810 graphics SoC with the world’s first OpenVX-compliant hardware accelerator inside which will allow computer systems and machines to see!

This SoC is the solution for industrial, home and automotive applications where advanced computer visions will enable computers to process visual and sensor information. An exciting breakthrough which will change our lives in many ways.

So, how is this all possible? OpenVX, is an open standard for cross-platform computer vision applications, issued by the Khronos Group. Being compliant with this standard Socionext’s ‘SC180’ series of high-performance graphics display controllers are able to provide the performance and power-efficiency required for demanding real-time embedded vision applications.

By building in the OpenVX standard into the SC1810 SoC, Socionext is helping developers get their applications to market quickly with high performance, low-power embedded vision functionality.

A fourth-generation high-performance GDC, the SC180 offers five times the 3D-image processing performance of previous products. It not only supports the H.264 codec but can also handle Full-HD displays and cameras across 6 output and 3 input channels.

A Vision Processor Unit (VPU) is incorporated into the SC180 which features the first OpenVX- compliant hardware accelerator and a programmable parallel data accelerator. This VPU makes possible the performance-intensive functions such as image recognition, approaching object detection and three-dimensional visualization.

Socionext SC1810 high-performance graphics display SoC with OpenVX

Socionext SC1810 high-performance graphics display SoC with OpenVX

Ideal for ADAS Solutions and other Computer Vision Applications

As already mentioned the SC1810 is ideal for industrial, home, and automotive applications. Applications that require advanced computer vision and video capabilities such as:

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Safety is key when designing vehicles. Car manufacturers are having to ensure that more safety features are designed into their vehicles. By incorporating machine vision technology with the SC1810, identifying approaching vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and any other hazards is possible ensuring a much safer environment.

360°Computer Vision

The SC1810 SoC supports Socionext’s 360-degree Wrap-around View technology. Using ‘Free eye point’ input from multiple cameras this technology creates a seamless 360° view which is different to other solutions that stitch two-dimensional images together. around a building, vehicle or machine. Not only is this omni-directional perspective invaluable in enabling drivers to see all around them it is also well-suited for industrial, public transit, security and other applications.

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