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Accidents do Happen!

Going to work at 7am this morning I drove out of my drive straight into a bus – the bus was 5 minutes early.

Perhaps if this insurance claimant had Socionext’s Wrap-Around View System this accident wouldn’t have happened!!

When designing vehicles, safety is a key issue. Drivers need to be totally aware of their surroundings always, and this is where Socionext comes in, by allowing the driver to monitor the vehicle’s perimeter in real-time.

The System consists of 4 movable cameras which are mounted on to the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle. It allows smooth transitions from one view to another by continuously interpolating points of view, fields of view and sight lines, without the driver noticing changes in the level of brightness. Drivers are therefore able to quickly get an overview of their situation, all from a single view.

Which sadly the driver who drove out of his drive obviously did not have!

The driver needed ‘Free-eye point’ technology!

‘Free-eye point’ technology is also installed in the system which enables the driver to see images from anywhere around the vehicle. The driver can use this feature to select the best viewpoint for any given situation, e.g. by zooming in to check the curb side for pedestrians or cyclists when turning. Or, when reversing the vehicle, the technology allows the driver to see what is behind, but still maintaining a view of the sides, front and surrounding areas. The ‘Free-eye point’ and the algorithms that seamlessly stitch together the 4 independent camera images are two major features which give designers the freedom in designing their systems. Plus, they have the flexibility to change the perspective, in order to give the driver, the best possible view.

High-resolution images from a mega-pixel cameras are combined and synthesized into a single 3D image in real-time and projected onto a three-dimensional mesh, generating a virtual 3D video. This video is then converted into views from any desired perspective.

These video images are crucial and should they freeze an accident could occur.

Ensure accidents don’t happen – even if the Bus is early!

As well as being able to see clearly drivers need to be assured that what they are seeing on their instrument cluster is correct. Safety related content such as the check control system and gear selection display. New driver assistance functions such as pedestrian detection or drowsiness monitoring must be correct all the time. And, with the move towards autonomous driving safety critical content will be a necessity.

ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) is supported by Socionext with their next generation Cockpit Display Solutions ensuring that accidents shouldn’t happen – even if the Bus is early!!

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