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3D Sound Solution without the need for expensive hardware!

3D Sound Solution without the need for expensive hardware!

A spatial acoustics technology that provides a sense of presence in the reproduced sound.

Developed by Socionext this audio solution utilizes a software technology which provides 3D sound without expensive hardware, it can work with just two standard speakers.  Plus introducing into existing hardware is easy, no modifications required – just leave it to the software.

Socionext 3D Sound Solution is easy for developers to install

So, how does it work? Socionext provides system designers with a 3D authoring tool which is then tuned to suit the relevant piece of equipment. Using the software, the sound can be customized and processed into 3D audio which produces a surround sound effect. No Digital Signal Processor and no hardware modifications are necessary.

Surround sound for two speakers can be created with this software by controlling which sounds listeners will hear and from which ear. By cancelling specific sounds from the left speaker to the right ear by the right speaker and then from the right speaker to the left ear by the left speaker a close-to-ear 3D sound effect is configured on the two speakers.

A Wide Range of Applications

This technology can be applied to a wide range of products such as gaming consoles for both home-use and gaming devices, signage equipment and arcade games where the user is immersed into an ‘in-the-moment’ experience with dynamic 3D surround sound.

In the car intuitive ‘close-to-ear’ navigation prompts, hazard audio warnings and system alerts when driver drowsiness or fatigue is detected are all delivered through a state-of-the-art user interface (UI). Important applications for both ADAS applications and infotainment systems.

Normally, drivers are seated closer to speakers on one side of the vehicle than the other so that typically accurate positional audio is not possible. Using Socionext’s sound technology this problem is solved as speakers can be anywhere and still create true 3D sound ‘around-the-ear’ effects for the driver. It can also be cost-effectively integrated into a wide range of vehicles due to being software based rather than hardware specific.

This technology significantly enhances the sound quality of existing systems and with its ‘bass boost technology listeners can enjoy the sounds/music as if they were at a live concert! As mentioned no modification of existing systems is necessary even with the small, thin speakers with narrow frequency wave bands of flat screen TVs and monitors.

Socionext’s TV sound processing technology also assists listeners with hearing impairment by using the same non-linear amplification used in digital hearing aids. Automatic amplifying of soft sounds with no speech distortion while keeping loud noises to an appropriate level means a comfortable sound experience for everyone around.

The Socionext 3D Acoustic Surround Sound Solution – developers don’t need to go anywhere else.

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