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Socionext is a leading global provider of System-on-Chip Solutions, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. The company designs, develops and delivers System-on-Chip products to customers worldwide. Founded in 2015, Socionext is a new, innovative company providing industry-leading solutions. The company is focused on technologies that drive today’s leading-edge applications in consumer, automotive and industrial markets and provides dynamic technologies that drive today’s leading-edge applications.

Combining world-class technical expertise, market know-how, and many years of experience, Socionext offers a broad IP portfolio, state-of-the-art implementation expertise, and best-in-class customer support.
Ensuring a reliable, high quality experience for customers.

About Socionext Europe

Socionext Europe plays a major role in the company’s worldwide activities from our headquarters in Langen, near Frankfurt (Germany) and offices in Neuried/Munich (Germany), Maidenhead (UK).

Socionext Europe

Drive today’s leading-edge applications in consumer, automotive and industrial markets.

Our Design Center in Neuried makes a major contribution to Socionext’s global graphics solutions business. Here we develop Graphics Display Controllers for Automotive and Industrial Markets and utilizing our technical competence in hard and software product development, are established as a leader in embedded graphics solutions.

Socionext’s worldwide Network SoC Business Unit has its Headquarters in Europe (Langen office). Not only do we offer worldwide engineering and applications support for the Optical Networking market but we also offer advanced R&D capabilities which are essential to ensure we realize the next generation of optical network solutions.

Custom SoC solutions are a key part of Socionext Europe’s competencies. Our expertise in R&D, design, development and support ensures we can supply SoC solutions to meet the demands of our customers for both today and future realizations.

The company name

Coming from our visions and values

SOC stands for ‘System-on-Chip‘ which is our core business area. Computers, communication network devices, and embedded systems are becoming more multi-functional nowadays, demanding larger and more complex SoC circuits. With the cutting-edge technology and our 40 years of experience, we provide sophisticated solutions to enhance the value of our worldwide customers' products.

I/O, Input and Output is a fundamental element constituting semiconductors, with Imaging and Optical networks as our core technologies. We have expertise in all aspects of the video imaging field - from ‘Input‘ technology of video capturing and authoring to ‘Output‘ technology of graphics and display, including video encoding technology in between.

Next, forward-thinking, looking to the future. We offer not only solutions for today´s new technologies but also strive to reach new opportunities globally and revolutionize the experiences of our customers. As a leading innovation company we constantly aim to improve the performance of our products and services and innovate the way people live.

Custom SoC Solutions - Socionext

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