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Socionext has a strong tradition in developing customer-specific solutions (ASICs) and digital SoCs for networking, enterprise and consumer applications.

Within the networking environment, we focus on the development of market-leading, high-performance ADCs, DACs and SerDes IP. With our expertise in leading-edge silicon technology and design methodology, we can address the most demanding of environments such as optical and wireless networks, server clusters, data centers and the emerging Industry 4.0 applications.

Custom SoC Solutions

  • Advanced, high-performance SoC solutions for servers, storage and networks
  • A portfolio of 100G networking products and specialized computing platforms with more than 900 designs from 90nm to 200nm

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High-Performance & Custom ASIC (SoC)
Custom SoC Solutions

Wireless Communications, 4G/5G, Antennna Front-ends 

  • Advanced CMOS converter technology optimized for wireless communications
  • Highly integrated SoCs with single- and multi-channel ADC/DAC
  • Support for single-, multiple-, and MIMO antennas
  • Signal processing on same die as converters
  • Single chip solution significantly reduces number of devices
  • Low power consumption, small footprint
  • Our technology is integrated into state-of-the-art wireless communications and antenna front-end ASICs
  • Socionext custom and network ASICs are used in a range of wireless communications environments
  • Ideal for wireless communications in front- and back-hauling, 4G/5G, and antenna front-ends


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Optical Communications, Networking, Routing & Switching

  • Advanced CMOS converter technology for 100G and 400G optical networks
  • First 4-channel 56GSa/s ADC, based on vertically integrated 65nm CMOS process
  • 4-channel 65Gbp/s DAC
  • Fully integrated, single-wavelength 100Gbps coherent transceiver
  • Socionext Custom SoCs used in IT infrastructure worldwide
  • Helped to launch 100, 200 and 400 Gigabit optical communication technologies
  • Socionext has demonstrated high-speed communication expertise by transporting tens of terabits per second over a 762 kilometer fiber optic link
  • Our technology was integrated into state-of-the-art coherent receivers and transmitters
  • Socionext custom and network ASICs are used in a range of networking and communications environments
  • Ideal for broadband and enterprise networking, optical and WAN switching, core, edge and metro routing, WAN aggregation and central office access

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Optical Communications, Networking, Routing & Switching


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