Industrial automation

The industrial sector covers such a broad arena from Industrial automation, test equipment security, imaging and services such as signage. Socionext are continually developing products to help industry with their imaging, networking and computing requirements.

Industrial Automation and Test Equipment

  • Socionext custom SoCs enable development of state-of-the-art industrial, test and manufacturing equipment
  • SoCs can be customised to meet high performance, flexibility and power efficiency requirements

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High-Performance & Custom ASIC (SoC)
Industrial automation

Surveillance Camera Systems

  • 360° Wrap-Around Video Imaging technology ideal for security
  • Highly integrated SoC and advanced 3D algorithms synthesizes images from several cameras
  • Our video processing technology can show any perspective and sightline instantly whilst moving seamlessly from one view to another
  • Unique technology offering ‘free-eye-point’ enabling designers to select the right perspective for the requirement
  • Single package low power ASSP camera security solution – compact, lightweight
  • Equipped with all security camera functions for monitoring – scene recognition, haze removal, tamper, camera-shake, motion, intrusion and line-cross detection
  • Socionext technology allows development of products that detects and tracks an object in real-time and captures every frame of target

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360° Wrap-Around View System Image Processors – Milbeaut®
Surveillance Camera Systems

Graphical Displays

  • Socionext Graphics Display Controllers (GDCs) with their high-quality image capabilities are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications – industrial control panels, automation and robotics
  • Other applications include point-of-sale terminals, gaming machines, electric kiosks, fuel-pump displays and vending machines

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Graphics Solutions
Graphical Displays

3D Audio Solution

  • Stereophonic audio technology localises sound
  • Processes base sounds that normally can’t be played back from smartphones or flat-panel TVs
  • Ideal for mobile, entertainment and video devices

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Visual Systems
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