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Socionext technologies have been developed with the patients and doctors in mind. Information is required quickly and high quality images are vital. Our products ensure that the healthcare fraternity can diagnose and monitor their patients with the utmost precision.

Body Composition Measurement

  • Socionext solution combines latest sensing and cloud technologies
  • Delivers high quality displays and measurements – even in difficult situations
  • Ultra-sound technology shows realistic images of muscle and fat
  • Mobile devices can be used to view body composition data
  • Information stored to the cloud – always available

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IoT – Internet of Things
Body composing measurement
Upload Body Composition Measurement Cloud
view phii ultra sound
view phii electro cardio gram
view phii continuous blood pressure

Medical Image Recording

  • Socionext technology allows high quality large, graphics files to be transmitted securely and quickly
  • Allows healthcare professionals to make knowledgeable decisions

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Video Codec
Medical Image Recording

Graphical Displays

  • Socionext Graphics Display Controllers (GDC) offer high quality, accurate and reliable images
  • Ideal for medical devices that rely on visual displays for diagnosis
  • Applications include patient/ambulatory/vital sign monitors, ventilators and anaesthesia systems

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Introduction to SoC – ARM® Core Based Processors
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