Smart devices

Through our heritage in consumer electronics Socionext can offer leading-edge products for broadcasting, digital signage, cameras, media and smart devices. We are the first to offer an 8K chipset for broadcasting.

Camera Solutions – Mobile

  • Image Processors expand potential of mobile camera systems
  • High-quality, high speed and accurate Hybrid AF System
  • Dual-camera solution supporting two sensors
  • Technologies for low-cost to high-end products

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Image Processors – Milbeaut®
Tablet and Mobile Phone

Capture Devices and Image Transmission

  • Easy storage - H.254 and H.265 encoders compress digital data
  • Ideal for Set-Top Boxes, Digital Video Recorders, Video Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Gaming and Mobile Devices

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Video Codec Image Processors – Milbeaut®

Media Players

  • High resolution 4K has meant media devices now act as hubs
  • Integrating playback, recording and distribution
  • Socionext First to provide SoC for low-power media boxes integrating encoders and transcoders
  • Technology reduces power consumption and components required in smart TVs
  • Paving the way for new generation of smart TVs – users can enjoy in high resolution two TV broadcasting channels, online content etc.

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Single-chip LSI for 4K Media-playback MN2WS03101AA

Proximity Sensor

  • 24GHz non-invasive, contactless radio wave sensor for motion detection
  • Highly sensitive – can even detect breathing and heartbeat
  • Small size 12mm x 7mm x 1mm
  • Ideal for smart home and wearable applications

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IoT – Internet of Things

Thin Client Technology

  • Our solution eliminates need for upgrade of terminals and software
  • Cloud applications and remote desktop environment are used for ultra-low latency

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Edge Device Solutions
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