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The automotive environment is where we excel. Our range of products are designed to cope with the harsh automotive environment. Our technologies for display consoles, multi-media and navigation systems deliver high-end graphics, giving drivers a safe and better driving experience.

Socionext’s products are specifically designed for the harsh automotive environment, making solutions possible for dashboard displays, consoles and entertainment systems.


Quality, high performance hybrid rendering 2D/3D

Enhanced features for display and capture control on-the-fly:

  • Windshield correction, Image compression and decompression
  • Safety features including signature check and panic mode control display
  • Alpha blend multiple layers and displays with configurable mapping and scaling
  • Flexible pixel formats - 1,2,4,8,16,24,32 bpp, any bit width per channel
  • Multiple alpha blend layers and displays and configurable mapping
  • YUV support – packed, planar, 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, progressive, interlaced
  • Dual display modes and programmable timing generators

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Introduction to GDC – Remote Display Control with Integrated APIX®


  • Advanced multi-layer concept
  • Refresh rate adjustment for different uses: 60fps for moving bit maps; 30fps for rotating 3D models; low frame rate for status information
  • Content prioritization
  • Up to 8 layers for each GDC
  • Programmable size and position
  • Depth and colour selectable per layer
  • Transparency per layer and per pixel alpha-blending
  • Layers can appear in one, two or all display areas

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Introduction to SoC - ARM® Core Based Processors
Infotainment multi-layer concept

360° Wrap-Around Imaging Technology

  • Synthesizes images from 6 cameras
  • Creates a 3D surround view of a vehicle
  • Flexible, omnidirectional monitoring of vehicle
  • Desired views can be selected
  • Ensures safer driving and eliminates blind spots
  • Software, hardware and development support services

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360° Wrap-Around View System
Car 360° Wrap-Around View System

HMI Toolkit

  • Speeds up development of automotive clusters and infotainment systems
  • Developers able to quickly design, prototype and develop 2D and 3D HMI interface and GUIs
  • Hybrid 2D and 3D scene composition
  • Seamless graphic design to hardware
  • Designed for embedded applications

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CGI Studio CGI Studio Logo

Application Example: Integrated HMI

HMI Toolkit Screen Composer Car

Scene Composer 2.1

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