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Most Advanced Technology Realizing Large Scale, Small Size, and Low Power Consumption

Digital coherent LSIs are indispensable for increasing capacity but these carry with them the problems pf complexity of design, increased size of equipment, and greater power consumption. We have developed SoCs with large capacities, small sizes, and low power consumption through realization of 65nm, 60nm, 28nm, and further advanced technologies. In addition, we provide not only SoCs, but also total solutions that include proven high-speed and large-pin-count package design, and veryfication.

Aiming at Large Improvements in Development Efficiency by Realizing Sure an Timely Design and Verifications

We have a LSI design technology based on our vast development experience and performance record. Using this technology we carry out definite and timely design and verification, and thus can greatly increase the development efficiency of our customers.

From Concept to Realization, Evaluation, and Mass Production: Development and Support System All Over the World

The Network SoC BU has a worldwide development and support network. From conception of custom SoCs to their realization, evaluation, and finally to mass production, our organization can support our customers in all aspects.

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