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Introduction to SoC – ARM® Core Based Processors

Based on the ARM® Cortex® which includes the A9 and A5, the System on Chip (SoC) family combines a broad level of integration on a single chip architecture. This scalable multicore platform includes single, dual and quad core based solutions. These coordinated powerful graphic processors offer highly flexible designs of user interfaces in 3D and/or 2D. This next level of multimedia processing provides advanced video technology in a variety of visual qualities. Targeting consumer, industrial, medical and automotive solutions, the family offers the right solution for customer needs.

For applications in the field of remote displays and cameras, this product line-up also supports high speed APIX® interfaces from Inova Semiconductors. This point-to-point connectivity transmits uncompressed and resolution independent pixel data over long distances.

ARM® Cortex®-A9 Quad Core Processors, 4K60p HEVC Main10 Video Decoding, H.264 at 1080p30 encoding, video processor, HDMI 2.0 input and output

  • MN2WS03101AA

ARM® Cortex®-A9 Dual Core Processors, 2D Engine SEERIS™, 3D OpenGL® ES 2.0 GPU, six Video Capture Units and three Display Controllers

  • MB86R23RBB-GSE1
  • MB86R24RBB-GSE1

ARM® Cortex®-A9 Single Core Processors, 2D Engine SEERIS™, 3D OpenGL® ES 2.0 GPU, four Video Capture Units and three Display Controller Including APIX2®

  • MB86R11FBH-GSE1
  • MB86R12FBH-GSE1
  • MB86R13FBH-GSE1

ARM® Cortex®-A5 Quad Core Processors, 2D Engine, 3D OpenGL® ES 2.0 GPU, Multi Format Digital Decoder and encoder

  • MB8AL2030A MH
  • MB8AL2039B MH

Roadmap – System on Chip based on ARM® Cores


Socionext at Embedded World 2016 – Embedded News


Comparison Table

The ARM9™ processor SoC family enables ultra low cost single processor solutions. This device is highly optimized for various types of applications which require low power CPU performance in combination with sophisticated 2D/3D graphics features in a compact SoC. The product incorporates Inova Semiconductors’ innovative APIX® GBit/s interface (Automotive Pixel Link).

ARM9TM Single Core Processors, 2D/3D graphics engine, two video capture units and two display controller including APIX®

  • MB86R01PB-GSE1
  • MB86R02PBH-GSE1
  • MB86R03PB-GSE1

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