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SynQuacer™ – High-performance, low power, scalable multi-core ARM processor

SynQuacer™ (SC2A11) is Socionext’s cloud solution, a multi-core CPU based on ARM®Cortex-A53 64-bit processor cores. One SC2A11 contains 24 cores, 3 cache levels and a large number of interfaces all contained within a small 30mm x 30mm BGA package.

This highly efficient multi-core processor is based on an observation that systems running large cores need to employ virtualization to share one large core amongst many smaller processes. Being smaller the SC2A11 processor cores allow the operating system to directly assign processes for its cores without employing virtualization. Hardware and software resources are then freed up which ultimately means power consumption of the system is reduced.

A highly integrated low-power server system can be realized with SynQuacer™ which is ideal for edge computing, processing IoT data at the edge of the cloud.

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