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MBG967 Milbeaut® Image Processor

“MBG967” is the latest model of the “Mobile series” lineup targeting smartphones, supporting various functions including low-light still capture and depth-map generation with the latest- trend dual camera.

The trend for “dual cameras”, equipped with two camera modules, is expected to grow in the mobile camera market within the next few years. Dual camera will allow advanced features such as low-light still capture using color and mono sensors, DSLR-quality background blur, etc., with much compact chassis and less limitations compared to current mobile cameras.

In addition to basic functions required for dual camera, we support the latest high-speed/high-precision Auto-Focus (“Super Hybrid AF”), contributing and allowing expressions in mobile environment for higher possibilities.

Milbeaut ISP solution

“Milbeaut” is a high quality imaging processor with track record of DSLR, smartphones, surveillance camera and other various cameras since its start-up in 2000. Socionext will provide various imaging solution based on our experience in image processing technology accumulated with Milbeaut’s 15 years of history.

Key Features

Background blur
Wideaperturere focus
  • 4K2K 30fps
  • Dual Camera Solution
    • Depth-Map Generation (Dual sensor module is required) Following solutions can be achieved using Depth-Map.
    • Low Light Shot (Mono + Color dual sensor module is required)
      High sensitivity and low noise capture by using Color Sensor + Mono Sensor.
  • Super Hybrid AF
    • Achieve High-speed & accuracy AF in all situations
    • Three types of hybrid of an auto-focus function
      • Contrast AF
      • Phase Detection AF (PDAF) - Laser AF


ISP Process 55nm CMOS Technology
Flash 16Mbit nor Flash
Package size 9.0 x 10.0 x max. 1.3[mm] BGA 217P
CPU ARM964 288 MHz single core x2
Host IF MIPI 4/2/1lane (1.5Gbps/lane)
YUV422 YUV420 (Legacy) JPEG/NV12
Demosaic Capability 300Mpix/sec
Max Image size 20Mpix
Sensor IF MIPI 4/2/1lane (1.5Gbps/lane)
MIPI 4/2/1lane (1.5Gbps/lane)
MIPI 2/1lane (1.5Gbps/lane)
DDR Memory Sip LPDDR-2 400MHz
Internal Memory 512K Byte (High Speed SRAM)
Adaptive WDR for still X
Chroma NR (still/video) X
Shading/Defect Pixel Correct X
Lens distortion correction X
ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag) 16M 30fps/21M 24fps
Continuous Shoot (without video) 16M 15fps
Instant Capture 385msec
AF/Continuous AF 10point
Vertical horizontal statistics
Video capability (depend on sensor input size) 1080p 60fps
2Kx4K 30fps
Digital Zoom x4 (or over)
Still EIS High ISO Approach

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