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ARM926EJ-S™ CPU , 2D/3D Graphics Engines, two Video Capture Units and two Display Controllers Including APIX®

The MB86R0x Family is highly-integrated for embedded graphics applications. Incorporating an ARM926EJ-S™ CPU core, together with an enhanced version of the in-house developed 2D and 3D Graphics Engine graphics processor and a number of external interfaces, the device offers a range of options. A full 3D geometry processing unit is capable of performing all primary 3D operations including transformations, rotations, back-face culling, view-plane clipping and hidden-surface management.

The SoC is targeted to provide the optimal balance of power and performance in a small package. A single MB86R01 controller could support a 1024 x 768 resolution and an 800 x 480 resolution in parallel.

The essential key feature of MB86R02 is its Inova Semiconductors’ high-speed APIX2® (Automotive/Advanced Pixel Link) GBit/s interface. This point-to-point connectivity transmits uncompressed and resolution independent pixel data over long distances for cameras and displays. The APIX ® technology consists of a downstream link and an optional upstream link. Please refer to the Graphic Display Controller (GDC) family supporting the APIX receiver for remote displays units.

Multiple performance and package options are available.

Key Features

  • ARM926EJ-S™ Single Core
  • 3D/2D Graphics Engine
  • DDR2-SDRAM, x16/x32, 333MHz
  • 2 Display controllers (RSDS, RGB, APIX®)
  • 2 Video Capture Units (YUV/ITU656, RGB, APIX®)
  • Standard I/O: I²C, I²S, UART, SPI, SD, PWM, ADC
  • Automotive IF: MediaLB®, CAN

Product Options

  • MB86R01PB-GSE1 BGA-484
  • MB86R02PBH-GSE TEBGA-484
  • MB86R03PB-GSE1 BGA-484

Comparison Table

Block Diagram

Application Example

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